Sep 022014

Join Jason and Heather as they share their experiences in SWTOR. This latest podcast is a look at the new Guild Conquests. We get to talk to the guild leader from Despair on the Harbinger server. How has their guild managed with the new conquest events? We also find out any tips they might have to help our own guilds. Also we have another Guild Ready Check, from the guild Remnants of Hope. Make sure to read show notes for link to Episode #4 of the Galactic Gamers Coalition podcast.

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Aug 292014


HoloNet Links #160

Wishing all of you a Happy Labor Day weekend, at least those of you in the United States…Time to enjoy the last holiday weekend in summer. It is a chance to barbeque, swim, and sit out under the shade tree…oh, of course extra time to play SWTOR! Seriously, it is hard to believe we are talking about the last part of summer. Things are moving fast in SWTOR also. Less than two weeks away Update 2.10 is scheduled to launch September 9th. How many are excited to see part three of the Forged Alliance story arc?

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Aug 222014


HoloNet Links #159

How is decorating going in your Stronghold? Are you and your guild busy invading a planet? If you are part of Early Access then I’m sure you are busy with one of those or possibly both. I’m enjoying placing my achievements in my Nar Shaddaa Sky Palace. Have I mentioned these Strongholds are big? Yes, there are a few bugs and unexpected things that have popped up, but all in all Update 2.9 is great!

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Aug 212014

Community Checkpoint title box

Highlighted Guild

  • Remnants of Hope – Galactic Republic

Let’s meet another guild on Community Checkpoint. This time we welcome the guild, Remnants of Hope from the Jung Ma server. The Remnants of Hope contacted us via email about wanting to be highlighted. Upon meeting the guild and researching their website I started to see a definite focus on community. They have a passion for helping grow together as a guild and willingness to assist their fellow members enjoy all aspects of gameplay. We will learn more about their focus on growing the guild, their philosophy of PvX and putting “community first” in today’s Community Checkpoint.

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