Jul 222010

Yes, it's beautiful, but the Internet here stinks.

Thanks to everyone for your comments about our first podcast.  Carla is recording this one on the road!

Fact or Fiction (3:03)  Can you pick out the confirmed fact from rumor?  See the Gamespot video we talk about here.  See the screenshot here.

From the Newsnet & Beyond (5:30)  Roundup of the most important announcements and news:

  • (6:10) Closed Beta testing officially announced.  If you’re in, don’t blab!  If you see someone else blabbing, don’t blab!  Sean Dahlberg reminds us of the baaad things that could happen here.
  • (10:41) IncGamers interviews James Ohlen about the “elder game.”  Daniel Erickson on RPG Forever in CVG article.
  • (14:02) Bad news for Deceived fans.  Release date pushed to March 2011.
  • (14:27) Threat of Peace in comic book form now on sale.  Epic fail at Kathy’s local comic book store.
  • (15:39) Trinity revisited.  Damion Schubert, Lead Combat Designer at BioWare wrote an interesting article about this on his blog.
  • (18:53) Sean Dahlberg promises big reveal at Comic Con if TOR fans follow through on Facebook and Twitter.
  • (20:23)Third Star Wars Robot Chicken episode coming in Dec.
  • (21:32) New Blood of the Empire released.  Read it here.
  • (22:15) Developer Blog, “Sounds of The Old Republic.”  Does my sword sound better than your sword?  Read the article here.
  • (26:22) Developer Dispatch, “Music of The Old Republic.”  Watch the video here.  Very swoon-worthy.

Community Buzz (28:23)

  • (28:45) From Games Testing to RealID.  Sean Dahlberg says, “I mean it!”  Blizzard says, “JK JK.”
  • (34:16) Crafting.  Think grinding is bad in WoW?  Try A Tale in the Desert .  Their crafting is cool, though.

Sith or Jedi? (40:42)  Carla and Kathy find out what side they walk in their real lives with the Test of the Over-Priced Produce and the Test of the Charitable Organization Call.  Read the questions and take the test yourself here.

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