Aug 032010

It's been confirmed! We will have space combat!

Two chock-full Friday Updates and a Comic Con panel made for lots of discussion.

Fact or Fiction? (2:05) Can you pick out the confirmed fact from the tall tales?  This week’s host challenge concerns faction change, pazaak, and the Cathar.

From the Newsnet & Beyond (3:45) Roundup of the most important announcements and news:

  • (4:03) Fan Art.  From Vitellius, a 3-D animated video featuring Darth Rasp.  From Tanq, pretty pictures.  From Ash/Oxyjin, a painting, “Sith’s Little Helper.”
  • (6:00) Updates to the Fan Site Kit, including new avatars.
  • (6:30) Concept art: Cathar race from the Developer’s Corner of the 7/23 Fri Update.  Remember Jedi Juhani from KOTOR?  She was a Cathar.
  • (7:40) Fatal Alliance spotlight.  Chapter one excerpt posted on official forums.  Carla liked it.  Kathy recommended the audio version.
  • (12:21) Comic Con panel, “Beyond Solo: Crafting the Multiplayer Story.”  Hosted by Morgan Webb.  Lead Designer James Ohlen and writers Drew Karpyshyn and Alexander Freed answer questions about TOR.  Topics: Space combat, developing character storylines, House Thul, new companion(?),   For full forty-nine minute panel, watch Gamespot’s video here.
  • (28:26) Blood of the Empire #8.  Exal Kressh shows Teneb Kel a thing or two.
  • (29:34) Nar Shaddaa revealed as playable world.  Neon!  Pleasure palaces!  What happens in Nar Shaddaa stays in Nar Shaddaa.  Teeny but awesome video here, history and art here.

Sith or Jedi? (32:57) Carla and Kathy find out which path they walk in real life with The Test of the Seat Hog.  Take the full test here.  Don’t be surprised if you ever see Carla’s picture here.

Community Buzz (38:00)

  • Micro-transactions (38:20).  EA Games announced that Live Gamer will handle their micro-transactions.  Carla and Kathy argue over the definition of a micro-transaction and find they are on basically on the same side of the fence.
  • End Game worries (45:32)  This thread (70+ pages) on the official forums gets the usual mix of freaking out, reasonable response, jumping to conclusions, and, let’s not forget, whining.
  • MaxLiao’s take on the Trinity (48:00)   Read his post here.

  2 Responses to “Episode #3: We Talk PeeVeePee and Argue Micro-Transactions”

  1. Good podcast. You ladies definatly bring a unique conversation and point of view to the hype/game. Keep it up!

  2. Thanks, that’s great to hear. There sure are a lot of swtor podcasts out there and we do try to bring something different. 🙂

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