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Aug 182010

Rail Shooter Makes for Unhappy Smuggler

It’s convention season, which means the devs are out there giving interviews, doing panels, whipping the fans up by hinting at wondrous wonders.  What will our characters look like?  What will they fly?  What will they do when they fly?  Why should we care about stories that happened 300 years ago?  So much to talk about, so many names to mispronounce….

Fact or Fiction? (1:59) Can you pick out the confirmed fact from the tall tales?  This week’s host challenge concerns playable races and advanced classes.

From the Newsnet & Beyond (3:51) Roundup of the most important announcements and news:

  • (4:01) New Timeline video, “The Mandalorian Wars,” on the Holonet.  Master Gnost-Dural goes deeper into history to examine the beginning of Revan and Malek’s fall to the Dark Side.
  • (5:57) Four new playable races/species announced:  Sith Pureblood, Miraluka, Mirialans, Zabraks.  Official article here.
  • (13:03) Ninth installment of Blood of the Empire.  Teneb Kel has many awesome adventures and 5-second conversations in just a very few pages!
  • (14:15) T7-01 droid announced as companion for the Jedi Knight.  Basically, R2-D2 with attitude and GUNS.  More info on the official page here.
  • (15:40) A cornucopia of Jedi Knight information: official HoloNet page; Advanced Classes (Guardian, Sentinel); and action-packed, albeit short, video.  Also, some nice screenshots.
  • (20:03) PC Gamer space combat issue woohoo!  Is a cinematic tunnel shooter enough if it makes you “pee your pants?”
  • (29:50) BioWare announces their new Space Combat Trailer at Gamescom in Cologne, Germany.  Kathy swears that one of the pilots sounds exactly like Carla.
  • (31:03) PC Gamer speculates on cross-faction changes.  Is the author smoking something or does he know something we don’t?
  • (33:27) Celebration V panel.  Writers Drew Karpyshyn and Hall Hood along with Concept Artists Arnie Jorgensen and Clint Young discuss the usual TOR topics, but elaborate a bit more on races, elder characters, player ships.  We forgot to mention this in the podcast, but Darth Hater had great live blogging columns and pictures from the panel.  You can read about Friday’s panel here, and Saturday’s panel here.
  • (39:15) PAX scheduled for Sep. 3-5 in Seattle Washington.
  • (41:25) Daniel Erickson gave two excellent interviews for Game Informer.  The first article, “Storytelling in Star Wars: The Old Republic,” which we only mentioned briefly in the podcast, talks about solo play dovetailing into group play, how hard it will be to play the game against type (i.e. Light Side Sith), and explores important figures in Star Wars lore.  Read the full story here.  It’s an excellent read.  In the second interview, Erickson talks on camera about Revan and Malek, some rather surprising thematic class parallels, and companion characters.
  • (45:17) CORRECTION: Apparently Mako is not the same person as Mayko!  Thanks to Xavier for catching this slip and directing us to the correct companion character in the PAX 2009 gameplay demo (15:12).  UPDATED CORRECTION: The Mako shown in the PAX demo is spelled “Mako,” not “Mayko.”  She just hadn’t been added to Wookiepedia at the time of recording.  Curse you, Wookiepedia!

Sith or Jedi? (46:30) Carla and Kathy find out which path they walk in real life with The Test of the Free Refills.  Take the full test here.

Community Buzz (49:46)

  • Playable Races.  Where are the straight-up alien species?  Thanks to Rae and Chronbodi for letting us know what races they’d like to see.

Special Thanks (54:17)

  • Thank you, Xavier, for leaving a nice review of our podcast on iTunes
  • Big thank you to Larry Everett, Hyperspace Beacon columnist from Massively.com for his thumbs up review of our podcast and fansite.
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