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Aug 312010

"Lightsabers at dawn, Mr. Wizard!"

It’s Harry Potter time!  Between the Advanced Classes announcement and all the Gamescom coverage, there was tons o’ TOR-related news out there.  We were almost defeated by the many, many interruptions that happened during the recording session (are monitors supposed to flash like lightning and then black out?  Does that dog have to keep barking?  Why is every one of these phone calls actually important?), but we persevered to bring you one of our most information-packed podcasts to date.

Fact or Fiction? (2:18) Can you pick out the confirmed fact from the tall tales?  This week’s host challenge concerns advanced class skills, player ships, and gameplay at GamesCom.

From the Newsnet & Beyond (4:42) Roundup of the most important announcements and news:

  • (5:03) Two new polls posted by Sean Dahlberg.  Have you played KOTOR poll here and Favorite SWTOR features poll here.  Apparently only KOTOR fans lurk the forums!
  • (9:43) New starships on the Holonet.  Fury-Class Imperial Interceptor and Corellian Defender-Class Light Corvette.  See them here.
  • (11:50) All sixteen advanced classes announced, including the much-maligned Wizard and Powertech.  Specializations and abilities listed here (scroll down).
  • (18:12) Gamespot interview with Daniel Erickson.  Will space combat be optional or not?
  • (19:58) SWTOR-Station interview with James Ohlen.  Topics include: companions, appearance tabs, “erasing” earlier decisions.  Watch video here.
  • (32:27) SWTOR-Station article includes gameplay impressions and nice screenshots – map, NPCs, Sith on speeder bike, crafting loot.
  • (38:04) Gamona interview with Ray Muzyka at GamesCom.  Those dark points could be bad for your complexion!  Cinematic questing!  Watch video here.
  • (42:45) Ask a Jedi interview with Hal Hood at Celebration V.  Be Han Solo, the smoking-est Smuggler in the galaxy.
  • (44:33) IGN reviews Sith Inquisitor play at Gamescom.  Nice quest and abilities descriptions.  Read the article here.
  • (45:09) Regular guy Raul’s reviews his experience playing the Bounty Hunter at GamesCom in the official swtor forums.  Loves the gameplay, thinks the graphics need work still.
  • (46:00) Jedi Archive Online has a terrific Everything You Wanted to Know About Gamescom page with links to all the interviews and articles they could get their hands on.  Scarily comprehensive, read it here.
  • (46:39) Blood of the Empire #10 released.  Teneb Kel shows he’s not such a bad guy and Exal Kressh is causing trouble again.  Read the most recent issue here.
  • (48:49) PAX 2010 Sept. 3-5 in Seattle Washington.  Lordhammer of Guild Umbra might get some face time with Sean Dahlberg.  Have a good question for him?  Post it here.

Sith or Jedi? (50:53) Carla and Kathy find out which path they walk in real life with The Test of the Garbage Cans.  Take the full test here.

Community Buzz (54:53)

  • (55:25) PvP.  Greg Zeschuk and Ray Muzyka were interviewed by Allvater.com.  Greg annoyed Carla with his no-pvp-in-space talk.  Watch the interview here.
  • (58:32) Cross-faction Communication.  Yes or no?  French article here, German article here.  Hal Hood weighs in here.

Special Thanks (1:05:55)

  • Thanks to odinseye, Sgt Invincible, and Stoufers for leaving nice reviews of our podcast on iTunes.  And if anyone can figure out how to make us show up on an iTunes search of “swtor podcast,” please let us know! 😀
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