Sep 242010

The Smuggler class got a lotta love this week with a bonanza of Smuggler-related updates, including the Machinima video that was released last week.  First up, the two Advanced Class specializations, Gunslinger and Scoundrel, have been added to the Holonet.  Next, BioWare suggests you might want to play a Twi’lek Smuggler, officially adding our brain-tailed friends to the list of playable species.

Fans of the original trilogy will be happy to see that Smugglers will, indeed, have a wookie companion.  Meet Bowdaar, the death-match gladiator, reknowned from Geonosis to Nar Shaddaa for his perfect record of 10,000 wins, 0 losses.

A smuggler cannot conduct his business without a starship, so future smuggler players will be glad to see the Corellian XS Stock Light Freighter.  Shades of the Millennium Falcon!

In non-Smuggler news, we got the final chapter of Blood of the Empire.  Having defeated Exal Kressh, Teneb Kel returns to his Sith lords and turns the tables on them.

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