Sep 272010

Sith Lord Mickey Loves Chapeau Shenanigans

Nothing as menacing as an adorable little clown hat when you’re trying to teach a Sith apprentice his place! This week we discuss the last installment of Blood of the Empire, community polls, Jedi, and the Smuggler update bonanza.  In other news, the millinery tomfoolery continues.

Fact or Fiction? (5:05) Can you pick out the confirmed fact from the tall tales? This week’s host challenge concerns advanced class skills, companions, and the finality of flash points.

From the Newsnet & Beyond (8:42) Roundup of the most important announcements and news:

  • (8:58) 9/17 Friday Update: Fan Friday. Enjoy the impressive assortment of artwork from our talented community and new avatars here, plus a helpful page which organizes all the artwork by artist here.  The Developer’s Corner show’s the creation of a Republic Capitol ship by Ryan Dening.
  • (11:45) 9/17 Friday Update: Polls. Favorite area of forums poll here, favorite Game Systems section poll here
  • (16:52) 9/17 Friday Update: “Designing the Light Side” documentary. Jedis love earth tones and martial arts moves! Stealth is smoky, not ghostly! The Consular gets a new cute hat! Watch the video here.
  • (24:33)’s PAX interview with Blaine Christine. Story is important, but not all-important. Also, the captain stays dead quote. Watch the video here.
  • (27:18) 9/24 Friday Update: Last Blood of the Empire. Maggot buys it again and chapeau shenanigans. Read the last installment here.
  • (33:08) Smuggler trailer.  Released a week early on Machinima, now added to the official SWTOR site. Watch the smuggler duck and roll, ambush, type, and lean on a bar here.
  • (36:13) 9/24 Friday Update: Smuggler Advanced Classes on the Holonet. Dual pistols and groovin’ hat or scattergun and stealthing? Holonet page here.
  • (38:50) Smuggler players can be Twi’leks. Hint of racial ability? Check out the Twi’lek on the Inhabitants page here.
  • (40:25) 9/24 Friday Update: Wookie companion for the Smuggler, Bowdaar AKA “Boneshatterer.” Holonet page here.
  • (43:09) 9/24 Friday Update: Smuggler ship, Corellian XS Stock Light Freighter. Check out Holonet page with screenshots and short video here.
  • (45:26) SWTOR-Station’s video of a Smuggler taking a Sunday drive on his speederbike here.
  • (47:31) Game Developers Conference in Austin, TX, Oct. 5-8. Website here.

Sith or Jedi? (48:53) Carla and Kathy find out which path they walk in real life with The Test of the Empty Gas Tank. Take the full test here.

Community Buzz (52:33)

  • (52:48) Endgame polls. Preferred raid size poll here and the How long will you play if endgame sucks poll here.
  • (1:01:53) Token/Badges discussion. Are badges a nice consolation prize or another grind-fest? View thread here.

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