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Oct 262010

Gameplay News, It's A-Comin'

It’s Star Wars Story Time!  Again!  Lorehounds are happy as happy can be as BioWare puts out one story update after another.  Those wanting gameplay info will have to wait a bit longer.  BioWare keeps humming that ol’ gospel tune, “Soon and Very Soon,” but the community ain’t joining in.

Fact or Fiction (3:26): Can you pick out the confirmed fact from the tall tales?  This week’s host challenge covers popular classes, Exar Kun, and Sith Purebloods.

From the Newsnet & Beyond(5:53): Roundup of the most important announcements and news.

  • (6:09) Damion Schubert interview with Darth Hater.  SWTOR’s Lead Systems Designer discusses many things but all the community hears is LEGACY SYSTEM OMG.  Damion says crafting news is coming up “really soon.”  Read interview at Darth Hater here.  Read official forums reaction here.
  • (17:11) 10/15 Friday Update: “The Exar Kun War” timeline video.  Another Jedi succumbs to the thirst for power and ends up possibly being an endgame boss.  Watch video here.
  • (20:15) 10/22 Friday Update: Fan Friday.  The usual assortment of fan art, avatars, wallpapers, etc.  In this update’s Developer’s Corner Ryan Dening shows the development of Kaas City.  Two new polls ask for your favorite Blood of the Empire character and the first class you will play in SWTOR.  Old poll on favorite class here.
  • (31:10) 10/22 Friday Update: New Biographies.  For the Empire, ultimate spymaster, Keeper.  For the Independents, the slowly-going-mad ruler of Alderaan, Bouris Ulgo.  For the Republic, the gloom-and-doom bureaucrat, Diab Duin.
  • (34:23) Schwarzenegger v. EMA (Electronics Merchants Association).  On Nov. 2nd, the Supreme Court will listen to arguments for the criminalization of selling video games to minors.  Gamespot’s article on the upcoming case hereFTC report which shows that gaming industry is doing better at shielding minors from violent content than the music and movie industry here.  Article about gimped version of Left 4 Dead 2 in Australia here.
  • (40:14) Daniel Erickson jumps in to explain that Sith Purebloods aren’t Pureblood.  Read his forums post here.
  • (40:25) New Awards page on SWTOR site.
  • (40:39) Active CRR forums member Xavier writes about meeting voice actor Tom Kane at Fan Days in Plano, TX.  Pics and forum post here.

Sith or Jedi? (42:14) We find out which path we walk in real life with The Test of the Street Parking.

Community Buzz (45:53)

Concerns about Endgame

Thank You from Corellian Run Radio

  • Justin Lowe and Pete Trerice from Darth Hater for making some really nice bumpers for us.  We are big DH fans!
  • Xavier for his great article on meeting Tom Kane
  • Guild Launch for their generous sponsorship.  Check out their guild hosting services here.

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