Oct 292010

BioWare took pity on the many fans who have been clamoring for gameplay information and released an All Imperial Agent Extravaganza.  We salute you, BioWare!  The Holonet entry for the Imperial Agent has been fleshed out with additional Combat Tactics (incl. mini videos of IA in action), Specializations, Known Associates, and Starship sections.  Imperial Agent Holonet entry here.

Advanced Classes.  Holonet entries for the two Advanced Classes – the Sniper (long-range precision damage) and Operative (stealth, medicine, close combat).

Companion.  Kaliyo Djannis, a diminutive Rattataki femme fatale, known anarchist and assassin.

Playable Species.  Chiss.  From a highly advanced civilization known as the Chiss Ascendancy, these enigmatic blue-skinned humanoids surprised the Sith by willingly allying themselves with the Empire.  SWTOR players will be able to select a Chiss avatar when creating an Imperial Agent.

Starship.  Imperial Intelligence commissioned the X-70B Phantom Prototype, a sleek little number designed to fly undetected and used only by the Empire’s top agents on the most critical missions.  See Holonet entry for screenshots and short video.

Class Video.  See the Agent get the drop on his unsuspecting targets, seduce a lovely young lady for unknown purposes, order a sinister-looking droid to deal with an enemy, and perform other nefarious deeds.  He even does the classic walk-casually-away-while-enemies-explode-behind thing, very bad-a**.

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