Nov 262010

Jedi Knight vs. Terntatek

Today’s update gives us a glimpse at the miscellaneous creatures and characters we will run into while exploring the TOR universe.  First up, the ferocious Vine Cat, a stunningly fierce predator that has been known to wipe out entire species when introduced to new worlds by the Sith.

Next, is the Terentatek, a massive creature armored with spikes, tusks, and claws to match its aggressive nature.  The special hide of the Terentatek is resistant to Force attacks, an attribute which helped earn this creature the nickname, “Jedi Killer.”

Two more droids make their appearances on the Inhabitants page.  The S3-F5 Inclement Condition Probe has been designed specifically to carry out its scouting, surveillance, and data-collecting tasks in extremely cold environments.  This probe does not have the most sophisticated AI, so it has been known to accidentally attack unsuspecting creatures or even friendly units.

The M3-M1 Medical Droid is the most popular model of all medical droids because of its reliability and adaptability.  It can diagnose more than two million conditions in more than five thousand species.

The Sith Purebloods also make their debut appearance on the Inhabitants page.  This species is known for its ruthless behavior and an affinity for Force use.  Despite the “pureblood” naming, these red-skinned humanoids are hybrids of the Dark Jedi and the original Sith on Korriban.

All these new inhabitants have been added to the Inhabitants page on the Holonet here.

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