Nov 302010

Sith or Jedi Test for Dogs

It’s been three weeks since our last podcast, so we’re still talking about how much we like the crafting system.  Also, some unpronounceable creatures make their debut on the Holonet.  Our Thanksgiving-themed Sith or Jedi yields some surprising results and we read our Top Ten “You Know You’re an MMO Gamer When…” entries.  Enjoy!

Fact or Fiction (4:37): Can you pick out the confirmed fact from the tall tales?  This week’s host challenge examines the crew skills system, warzones, and fauna.

From the Newsnet & Beyond (8:45): Roundup of the most important announcements and news.

  • (9:10) 11/26 Friday Update.  New creatures and droids, plus Sith Purebloods all get a little love from the Inhabitants page on the Holonet.
  • (11:18) 11/19 Fan Friday.  Art, fiction, wallpapers, avatars, and some pretty rockin’ lightsaber hilts.  Check out the submissions here.
  • (12:00) 11/19 Studio Insider and Community Q&A.  Concept Artist Diego Almazan walks fans through the development of the Flesh Raider in a step-by-step overview.  In a new Community Q&A thread on the forums, Daniel Erickson answers miscellaneous questions (scroll down).
  • (21:15) 11/19 Polls.  Most popular weapon poll here, what do you like about the Crew Skills system poll here?
  • (24:35) 11/12 Friday Update: Crew Skills System.  Game Systems page here.
  • (29:03) Daniel Erickson interview with Darth Hater.  Daniel talks Affection Rating, critting on crafting rewards, maker’s marks.  Read full interview here.
  • (41:25) Daniel Erickson interview with Torocast.  Time components, value of crafted gear.  Watch full interview here.
  • (42:39) Damion Schubert talks crafting in several Developer Tracker posts.  Variable rewards here, companion bonuses here, commitment to making crafting important to economy here, unlearning skills here, emergency recall of companions here.
  • (53:29) Daniel Erickson & Gabe Amatangelo interview with  Crafting and warzones!  Full interview here.
  • (56:53) Stephen Reid, new Online Community Manager.  Introductory thread in official forums here.  Darth Hater interview here.  Massively interview here.
  • (1:00:29) Reflections on properly marketing a new game.  Fans love giving marketing advice as seen here.

Quick Mentions (1:07:37)

  • Credits will be the universal monetary unit.  Dev Tracker post here.
  • Machinima interview with Daniel Erickson here.

Sith or Jedi? (1:08:43) We find out which path we walk in real life with The Test of the Thanksgiving Dinner

Community Buzz (1:14:03)

  • Playable planets, confirmed and hinted at, thread here.
  • Building a respectful community thread in official forums here.  Respect in Gaming forums here.
  • You Know You’re An MMO Gamer When…. all entries here.

Thank You from Corellian Run Radio

  • Xavier, pmartin1969, Kryos, HereticZero, Arifael, Kai-Sun, Rae, and Chronbodi for their contributions to our Top Ten list.
  • Guild Launch for their generous sponsorship.  Check out their guild hosting services here.
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