Dec 172010

Back in November BioWare hosted a Jedi Immersion Day and invited members of the press and fansite community to get a first look at the Jedi Knight and Jedi Consular.  These lucky few got a chance at some serious gameplay time.  On December 15th, BioWare lifted the news embargo and the SWTOR community has been flooded with articles, videos, gameplay impressions.  Here are some of our favorite reveals:


  • Jedi Consular’s first companion: Qyzen, a Trandoshan with Rocket Charge ability that generates high threat.  Good for tanking.  Obtained at level 8.
  • Jedi Knight’s first companion: T7-01 droid with Electric Jolt ability that helps transfer threat back to Jedi Knight.  Bonus:  vendor capability!
  • Trooper’s first companion: M1-4X droid with Cryo Blast, an instant cast that reduces enemy armor.  Looks similar to a white AR-34.
  • Smuggler’s first companion: Corso Riggs.
  • Companions have equipment slots with modification slots available on each piece of gear.  Even droids wear pants and shirts, gear-wise.
  • Companions do not aggro things accidentally.  They enter combat only when the player does.
  • The presence of Companions in PvP warzones has not been decided yet.  Still in testing.
  • Players do not talk to the companions outside of story moments.  No KOTOR-like moments of just chatting up your companions whenever you feel like it.


  • Destructible items may be detonated by certain classes in flashpoints.
  • Every class has out-of-combat resurrection capability
  • Upon engaging in battle, players yell battle cry.
  • Giant battles in the middle of nightclubs on Nar Shadaa


  • Codex entry pops up while you’re out in world.  Click on it, you can read info on lore, mobs, factions, important NPCs, places, etc.
  • Codex tracks entries, accomplishments.  “A collectables game!”
  • Some codex entries give XP.


  • Jedi Consulars may play as Twi’leks.
  • Vendors offer items with random buffs.  After purchase the buff will be revealed to player.  This gear is BoE.
  • Different music will play, depending on player dialogue choices.

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