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Dec 312010

Here’s our official CRR round-up of what’s In and what’s Out as we leave 2010 and step boldly into 2011, otherwise known as The Year of SWTOR Release.

IN …………………………………………………………………… OUT

Cinematic Design                                        Instant Quest Text

Blow ship out of air                                     Capture the Flag

The Trinity                                                   The Trinity

Robot Chicken, Family Guy                         Hardware Wars

Multiplayer Dialogue                                   Arguing in Vent

Movie experience on rails                            Aimless wandering

More FTL Ins and Outs plus Hot Community Buzz Topics after the jump.

IN …………………………………………………………………… OUT

Monthly subscriptions                                 Free to Play

Out of combat heal-up                                 Eating & drinking

Long-term commitment                             Millions of subscribers

Player ships                                               Protodrake mounts

Humanoid species                                    Anything you can’t make out with

Jedi Sage                                                       Jedi Wizard

Speederbike ride                                           Ghost in the graveyard

Crew Skills                                                    Crafting

Affection Rating                                             Faction Rep

Cleverly-disguised grind                                 Grind

Instant quest turn-in                                       Running back to questgiver

Enjoying the journey                                      Push to endgame

Offline gathering                                             Circling endlessly

Outward corruption                                       Barber shop visits

Premium                                                        Ordinary

Fiscal Year                                                    Calendar Year

2010 Hot Community Buzz Topics
SWTOR fans talked about a lot of things over the past year.  Here are just a few of the biggest issues tackled by faithful SWTOR followers on the fansites, in the forums, and in the gaming press.

Companion Hatred
Some players complained that this system will force everyone to play a “pet class.”  Others hate the idea of companions in PvP or raiding.  KOTOR fans rejoice.

Space Combat
BioWare announces that space combat will be in SWTOR.  Fans rejoice.  BioWare announces that space combat will be a cinematic, tunnel-shooter experience.  Some fans are ok with this, but a noisy segment of Star Fox/Space PvP players are extremely disappointed.

Re-rolling & Legacy System vs. Endgame
Fans ask about endgame.  BioWare responds with talk of re-rolling and legacy systems.  Much flipping out occurs.

Story vs. Game Mechanics
Weekly Friday Updates become extremely lore-centric following convention season.  Many fans clamor for “meatier” updates, but lorehounds defend BioWare.

Crafting vs. Crew Skills
Offline crafting!  Companion assignments!  Diplomacy!  When BioWare tells us about their Crew Skills Systems, fans find many things to love and hate.  Criticism ranges from complaints that the players themselves will not do the crafting to pronouncements that crafting is too easy.  Others love the intrigue of sending a companion to bribe a government official to spread influence.

Lightsaber Colors
Continuing debate on whether colors should be faction-appropriate, and whether some of the weirdo choices (i.e. black) should be allowed at all.

Cartoonish graphics/Movement Animations
BioWare chooses a stylized, cartoony look for SWTOR.  Some fans say they will never play based on the graphics and clunky animations.  BioWare tries to reassure fans by saying the graphics are being updated all the time.  Comparisons between old videos and new videos support these assurances.

Class/Race Limitations
Fans want complete freedom in picking any class/race combination.  BioWare explains that this isn’t practical, given time and money limitations.  Daniel Erickson fans the fires when he says that players will not be able to play a species that is too far from human because it would be impossible for a player to relate to a creature that was too weird-looking.  Role-Players fume.

EA Louse
Anonymous poster flings poo and doesn’t have anything useful to say about SWTOR, but gets a ton of attention in the gaming community.

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