Jan 072011

Meet the J Team: Janarus, Jadus, and Jewl’a.  Today’s update introduces us to three new characters in the SWTOR pantheon of NPCs.

First up, is Supreme Chancellor Janarus.  As leader of the Senate, Janarus strives always to uphold the Republic ideals of freedom and justice.  This makes him a target for those who believe that sometimes it is necessary to bend the rules when fighting a brutal enemy.

Next is the enigmatic Darth Jadus, member of the Dark Council.  He specializes in Imperial Intelligence and travels in his flagship, The Dominator.

Finally, representing the Independents, is Jewl’a Nightbringer, the Zabrak Bounty Hunter so ruthless that her license has been revoked in all Republic zones.  Jewl’a survived the underbelly of Coruscant as an orphan and grew up to become a champion fighter, a skill set she now uses to hunt down her prey.

See Janarus, Jadus, and Jewl’a on the Holonet Biographies page here.

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