Mar 162011

If you’ve been following the many PAX East updates from many other terrific sites, you won’t see anything new here, but we thought it might be useful to list a handful of the mini-reveals that we thought were most interesting.

Sat Q&A  – James Ohlen, Daniel Erickson

  • JO: Repairs and mounts are gold sinks (mounts confirmed?)

Sat Q&A – Daniel Erickson, Hall Hood, Jessica Sliwinski

  • JS: Gender and race affect dialogue choices

Space Combat Demo – Daniel Erickson

  • By running missions and completing objectives you earn things that will allow you to upgrade your ship.
  • You will be able to hear you and your crew chattering to each other during space combat mission.

Saturday Meet & Greet Q&A

  • You can wear clothes of another class.  In-game, someone’s Vette was wearing long white robes.
  • Optional color coordinating feature to avoid clown-look
  • World bosses exist.  Will require a large group to take down.
  • Devs are leaning toward not allowing companions in end game, flashpoints, warzones.

Sunday Q & A – James Ohlen, Daniel Erickson, David Bass

  • Guild ships/capital ships.  Probably not at game release, but all the BioWare devs really really like them, so they are working on making that happen.
  • Death penalty will not be as harsh as other MMOs
  • You will not have to buy a new gaming rig to play SWTOR
  • No night/day cycle
  • The worlds are spacious.  Alderaan = 7 WoW zones

Roxanne is working hard on getting our video interviews ready to post.  Most of the info there is more about what they are still not ready to talk about, plus some thought-provoking game development conversation rather than any “aha!” moments.

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