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Mar 212011

Han Thinks Smuggler Heal Animation Needs Work

Larry Everett of Massively and Gamebreaker TV joins Carla, Kathy, and Roxanne this week as we do a final PAX clean-up discussion and spend quite a bit of time talking about guilds, companions and the trinity, and space combat.  We also find out that Larry is a little confused by the Smuggler healing animation.

Fact or Fiction: Can you pick out the confirmed fact from the tall tales?  This week’s host challenge covers friendly fire, Miraluka, and space combat.

From the Newsnet & Beyond: Roundup of the most important announcements and news

  • Wed Update 3/09: GUILDS.  We debate who the pre-launch registration system is more useful for and Carla is sad that the questions on the application can’t be changed.  Kathy, Roxanne, and Carla have guilds picked out, while Larry is weighing his options.  Guild FAQ page here.  Guild Headquarters here.
  • Friday Update 3/11: Fate of the Galaxy trailer
  • Friday Update 3/11: Taral V Developer Walkthrough.  Don’t watch this if you want to beat the flashpoint!
  • PAX East space combat demo at PAX East looks beautiful, but Carla still doesn’t like space combat.
  • PAX East panel, “Interactive Drama: Dialogue as Gameplay” with Daniel Erickson.  Listen to hour-long audio here.
  • CRR PAX East interview with Daniel Erickson.  Daniel corrects our Sith or Jedi test and gives props to Roxanne for beating Taral V.
  • Friday Update 3/18: Fan Friday.  Check out Redding’s artwork here.  The best fan art we’ve seen.
  • Friday Update 3/18: Fan Site Spotlight.  TORWars.  These guys have a unique retro feel to them.  Check out their podcast here.
  • Friday Update 3/18: Polls!  Vote on your favorite spaceship here.  Vote on your favorite set of smilies here.
  • Friday Update 3/18: Cinematic Animation with Andrew Lauretta.  Andrew talks motion cap and hand animation here.
  • Friday Update 3/18: Community Q& A with Jesse Sky.  Many useful questions about flashpoints answered here.

Quick Mentions

  • Damion Schubert talks about the solo gamer at GDC.  Read article at Massively here.
  • Miraluka can be Jedi Consulars, Daniel Erickson says.
  • Damion Schubert tells us we don’t have to worry about friendly fire.
  • Stephen Reid did not have dinner at Morton’s Steakhouse with random forums user.

Sith of Jedi? We find out which path we walk in real life in The Test of The Elevator Door.

Community Buzz

  • Changing Roles of Companions
  • The Trinity

Thanks from Corellian Run Radio

  • Thanks to Lance Baumgard, CornbreadChrist, and Hannah Jacobs for leaving reviews on iTunes.
  • Thanks to Larry Everett from Gamebreaker TV and Massively for appearing on our show.
  • Thanks to Stephen Reid and David Bass for making our first convention experience so positive.  Thanks to all the BioWare people who made themselves so available to the fans during the convention.  Special thanks to Cory Butler, Daniel Erickson, Hall Hood, and James Ohlen for giving us interviews.
  • Thanks to Mos Eisley Radio for hosting the multi-cast.
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