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Apr 182011

Making Up for Too Many Dark Side Choices

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It’s just the home team this week, which is probably good because there was a TON of new information to cover.  We’re excited that companions are back to the forefront again – companions in flashpoint player slots and dev tracker talk about companion romances.  We also find out Carla won’t save seats in a movie theater.

Fact or Fiction: Can you pick out the confirmed fact from the tall tales?  This week’s host challenge involves the titles, underwater shenanigans, and companions.

From the Newsnet & Beyond: Roundup of the most important announcements and news.

  • Official PAX East 2011 Highlights video.  Check out our article for names and time stamps.
  • UK Hands-On event at Gamerbase.  Blog post from Moon Over Endor here, official forums thread on gameplay here, Doghouse Gamer Q & A session here, Aartan Away podcast with Q & A session here.
  • Daniel Erickson talks swimming, companions, conversation wheel, titles, datacrons here.
  • Friday Update 4/8: Advanced Classes Update by Georg Zoeller.  Tanks, Healers, and Stealth, oh my!  Dual spec poll here.  Deaths on Ord Mantell map here.
  • Friday Update 4/15: Fan Friday.  We made the Fan Site Spotlight!  Fan art, avatars, polls, etc. here.  E3 announcement here.
  • Friday Update 4/15: Studio Insider: Environment Polish.  Senior Environment Artist Robby Lamb discusses adding finishes touches, lighting, and more.
  • Friday Update 4/15: Community Q &A.  Senior Game Designer William Wallace tackles questions about class roles, gear, class abilities, and more.  Georg Zoeller talks about DPS output comparisons between classes here.  Thanks to gaou for picking that out for us.
  • Fan Site Summit April 24-26.  CRR, along with a number of other SWTOR fansites and podcasts, has been invited to tour the BioWare Austin location.  We look forward to seeing the BioWare offices, talking to the great people there, and hanging with the other fansites.

Quick Mentions

  • CRR’s James Ohlen PAX East interview here.
  • Damion Schubert says loading screen will have class quest recaps.
  • Buffed.de reveals the next warzone, The Voidstar.  Darth Hater’s article here.  Check out the comments section for translation of highlights.

Sith or Jedi? We find out which path we walk in real life with The Test of the Movie Theater Seating..

Community Buzz

Romancing Companions vs. Moral Choices. Randy Begel says it’s more nuanced than Light Side/Dark Side points, but yeah, your companion isn’t going to sleep with you if you piss her/him off.

Socialization in MMOs. Will players new to MMOs find a home in a world filled with jaded veterans?

Thank You from Corellian Run Radio

  • BioWare, for featuring us in this month’s Fan Site Spotlight
  • Kevin Martin and Elkatt for leaving us reviews on iTunes
  • DarthRaKain, syllepsis, B-Wing, and Voleo for leaving nice comments about us on the Fan Friday page.

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