Apr 282011

David Bass & Damion Schubert

Principal Lead Systems Designer Damion Schubert answered questions on a wide range of topics.  We got some important reveals in this twenty-four minute Q&A session.  Listen to the full audio to hear Kathy get derailed when Damion starts giving her the crazy eyebrows as she asks her question about gear for neutral players!  She begged Brooks to let her re-record her question, but he was a meanie and said no.  He also laughed and said, ‘I felt SO bad for you!”

Our favorite reveals after the jump.

Here are our favorite reveals:

  • Dark and Light armor is available from drops and vendors right now.
  • Neutral armor is not in the game right now, but it is in the works for strictly Gray players.  It will be better to be pure gray than leaning towards Dark or Light.
  • The extremes: +5 Light, -5 Dark
  • Companion Affection Rating affects the chance to get a crit on a crafted item in a small way.  It affects the length of time needed to complete a crafted item to a greater extent.  However, in general, Affection Rating will not tilt crew skill effectiveness in an overly dramatic way.
  • You can increase Companion Affection Rating with gifts, as in Dragon Age.
  • Mini-games like Pazaak are not in the game right now.  However, they are definitely on Damion’s “Big Wall of Crazy.”  Especially Pazaak.
  • Crafted items will not have random stats — too annoying to mouse over each piece of identically-named gear to check individual stats.
  • Guild advancement system probably not in game at release.  But remember the Big Wall of Crazy!
  • Some in-game tools for role-players, but SWTOR will not heavily focus on role-playing.  “The best role-playing comes from the imagination.”

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