Apr 292011

We were lucky enough to get a few minutes to sit down with Principal Lead Combat Designer Georg Zoeller.  Unfortunately, since much of the information is embargoed, we can’t post the whole interview.  Here are some highlights, though:

  • There will be a combat log players can look at out of game.
  • New playable species?  MMmmmaybe.
  • No third party add ons at release.

More highlights plus Georg’s reaction to our Yes/No/Pass game after the jump

  • Crowd control: in PvE it works repeatedly.  Bosses tend to be immune.
  • You can click on your companion to talk, but you may not always get a response.
  • Skill Trees: players must assign a certain amount of points in a lower tier in order to move up to the next tier.  Certain skills have prerequisite skills in order to assign points.  There is no dependency between trees, so a player will never have to assign point in one tree in order to use them in another tree.
  • Changing your Advanced Class: “Switching between advanced classes is something we are looking at, but it won’t come lightly.”

We’ll have the video of the entire interview soon.

Georg’s reaction to our Yes/No/Pass game:

1415: More interviews.  Those Corellian Run Radio people.  They seem nice, but try to trick me by saying “answer these questions fast, just yes or no.”  I can’t remember what I told them, some kind of Jedi Mind Trick.  Curse you Kathy.


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