May 062011

Principal Lead Systems Designer Damion Schubert gives us more detail on the Codex, a game feature sure to appeal to the explorers and lorehounds of SWTOR.  He explains that the Codex was conceived, in part, to help players keep track of the details of all the story arcs and back stories in an easy-to-access format.  Knowing these details will enhance your gameplay experience, which is heavily story-based.  Here are some highlights from Damion’s Developer Blog:

  • The SWTOR codex was modeled on the ones found in Mass Effect and Dragon Age.
  • Collecting codex entries appeals to exploration gamers.  The codex is designed to provide an explorer mini-game with meaningful reward.
  • Codex rewards will be found on challenging mobs, but not so challenging as to require a full party in epic gear.  These are meant to be exploration rewards.
  • Datacrons are a sub-set of codex entries.
  • Datacrons will permanently increase a stat, can be used only once per player, are fixed in location.
  • A similar features in another game inspired exploration hunting parties, a good way to encourage socialization.
  • Codex is easily expandable, expect future content.

Read full Developer’s Blog here.

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