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Jun 032011

GO GO E3!!

BioWare gave SWTOR fans a sneak preview of what to expect at E3 2011, June 7-9, in Los Angeles.  This year’s events will include live coverage of gameplay, something the fans have been demanding practically since SWTOR started attending conventions.  Be sure to check out the following sites for their live broadcast schedule:  Spike TV, G4 TV, IGN.com, Gamespot.com, Machinima, EA.com.

Partnering with six sites to provide live coverage?  Is it going out on a limb too much to say BioWare has some major reveals for us?  You can bet there is some major crossing of fingers happening across the SWTOR community.

June 6 EA Press Conference
Live coverage kicks off with an EA press conference on Monday, June 6th, 12:30 pm PDT.  You can watch on Spike TV or via livestream on EA.com.

Other E3 Highlights

  • The Eternity Vault.  Is it a warzone?  Is it an instance?  Is it (gasp) end game?  Whatever it is, it’s on the planet Belsavis and heroic groups must work together to keep some menacing thing from escaping.
  • E3 Attendees vs. Sandpeople.  Again, some mystery as to how to classify this gameplay experience, but people who attend E3 will get a chance to fight Sandpeople on Tatooine.  We’re hoping that this will get some live coverage love.

New Blur Trailer?
Today’s update reminds us that at the two previous E3s, BioWare showcased a new SWTOR trailer each time.  “Deceived” was shown at E3 2009, and “Hope” at E3 2010.  We already know that BioWare commissioned a third trailer from Blur, so it seems like a good bet that E3 2011 will be the venue for the newest trailer.

E3 is getting lots of good SWTOR hype — let’s hope BioWare comes through with some incredible new reveals!  Read the full article here.

The Lost Suns #1 Available June 8th

The first issue of the new SWTOR comic, The Lost Suns, will be available for purchase on June 8th.  This week’s Friday Update features an interview with BioWare Senior Writer Alexander Freed, who wrote the five-issue miniseries from Dark Horse Comics.  Alexander explains that while we will not see the main character, Theron Shan, in the game, there are plenty of other characters who will appear in both the comic and the game.  He also discusses how writing for comics differs from writing for games.  Read the full interview here.

  4 Responses to “Friday Update: E3 Hype and The Lost Suns”

  1. I think that this year’s E3 is going to be bang or bust. You can’t play with people emotions like a marionette. The community is ready, hopefully the development team is also.

  2. I’m thinking “bang!” I don’t expect a release date (which, for some is the only worthwhile reveal), but I do have high hopes for significant new info to sink our teeth into. I agree that the community will be extremely irritated if it turns out to be “bust.” Today’s E3 update has me feeling optimistic.

  3. Todays update has me feeling pretty confident in the news we’re going to get from E3. If nothing else, it’ll give me info some of the other games I’m waiting on, which could dampen the blast that would come if Bioware drops the ball. So either way I’m happy. One way I’m more happy though, =P

  4. Well, if they are going to be fighting Sandpeople, let’s hope Anakin will be swinging that lightsaber around in a fit of madness, LOL.

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