Jun 092011

IGN interviewed Daniel Erickson today as their livestream event at 11 am Pacific.  Daniel discussed multiplayer dialog, the Alderaan world arc boss fight, server types.   Our favorite highlights:

  • Multiplayer dialog rolls will not always be a simple random roll.  For the very important decisions, the party’s choice will be determined by a vote.
  • The Alderaan boss fight is the end of a ten-quest world arc.
  • On PvP servers, zones will feature free-for-all open world PvP.
  • Release date will probably be announced before pricing model details.

  2 Responses to “E3: IGN Interview with Daniel Erickson”

  1. The example he used disproves your first bullet-point, actually. Someone can roll very well and be the only person who voted to kill the captain even though there were 3 other people who chose to save him!

  2. Hmm I feel like he’s differentiating the run of the mill choices vs. the “super important” choices. Isn’t he saying those are a vote? We haven’t heard them talk about exceptions to the random roll system before.

    “…except for the super important ones that come together in a vote node(?)…” what is he talking about here?

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