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Jun 132011

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E3 was a doozy!  Our eyeballs are still bleeding from watching and reading all the coverage.  You sure won’t hear us complaining that there wasn’t enough new info – as is evidenced by the length of this episode.  Hard to believe that this is only one week of news.  This week we talk about, well, everything.  We’re also very excited to receive our first call-in questions.

Opening sponsorship spot is a clip from Ehren Ziegler’s spoof video, “Your Lightsaber and You.” Watch the whole thing at Comedy Central here.

FACT OR FICTION: Can you pick out the confirmed fact from the tall tales?  This week’s host challenge involves companions, operations, and James Ohlen.

FROM THE NEWSNET & BEYOND: Roundup of the most important announcements and news.

  • Fri Update 6/10: Razer Peripherals, Contest for Razer game packs ends June 14th.  Details here.
  • Jeff Hollis represents CRR with Daniel Erickson interview
  • Facebook group chat.  Join us at the Corellian Run Radio page in Facebook.

Quick Mentions

SITH OR JEDI? We find out which path we walk in real life with The Test of Promotion.


  • Responses to macro discussion from Episode 25. Check out the discussion on our forums here and here.
  • Two call-in questions!  Personal mounts and same gender romance arcs

Thanks from Corellian Run Radio

  • Glen Speed and Sunny Ravencourt for leaving us positive reviews on iTunes.
  • Autocron from the Sith Happens guild and Joe from Chapel Hill, NC for sending in call-in questions.
  • Jeff Hollis and David Moore from TORWars for representing us at E3 and interviewing Daniel Erickson on our behalf.
  • Daniel Erickson, for being such a gentleman.  And also for being Daniel Erickson.  Don’t miss his beefcake shot here.

Discuss this episode on the forums here.

  8 Responses to “Episode 26: E3 the Gameplay Demo Show”

  1. On the dialog wheel I noticed on the game play videos from E3 that the circle to the left of the choices had a blue or red symbol in it when they highlighted different choices. Not a fist or olive branch but they seem to have the same mechanic.

  2. Nice work witch Podcast. I’m from Poland and I have to say that I’m stepping on thin line of been throw from work because I’m listening all of yours Podcast.
    But what the hell my boss can kiss my *** 

    Keep going what you do 

  3. Thought I would post this really funny link for Roxanne, regarding ME3 and homosexual relationships!


  4. @Suxhi As far as I can tell from watching the videos, the blue and red symbols pop up only the conversation choices which are actually going to affect your Dark and Light Side points. If it’s just a run-of-the-mill exchange, you don’t get any indication from mousing over.

    @Przemek Oh no, don’t get fired because you’re listening to us! 😀

    @Airia That link is great, thanks for pointing it our way.

  5. Great show once again. There was so much information that Bioware gave us, even if the EA press conference was slow start. I think Bioware left everyone wanting the game release by the end of week.

    @Kathy: I so agree about questions that were answered. They revealed some story details about choices the Trooper needs to make, and no I am not going to post the spoiler.

  6. Thanks, Jason. 🙂

    Yeah, I remember that Trooper bit!

  7. @Kathy

    Just to be clear, Jennifer was trolling, and it was grand.

  8. @Airia

    Can devs troll their own forums? Learn something every day 😛

    I wish I could read this thread for context, can’t seem to find it, but I don’t really get the sense that Jennifer is joking here. Didn’t she write Anders in DA2? I feel like that is pretty compelling evidence that she’s in earnest.

    I could be wrong.

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