Jun 152011

The wonderful gentlemen at TORWars snagged an interview with Daniel Erickson for us at E3.  While we would love to take credit for the terrific conversation Jeff Hollis and Daniel Erickson have, we can’t because this was a totally last-minute, big-hearted gesture on TORWars’ part.  We can only take credit for choosing our SWTOR friends well.

Highlights and comments after the jump.

Daniel talks about raids, group content, and companions.  He also quizzes Jeff on his KOTOR lore cred.  Highlights:

  • Operations/Raids revealed: the Eternity Vault on Belsavis, the prison planet.
  • Raid size is currently set at eight-man and something-larger-than-eight-man, TBD.
  • If it weren’t for Trask Ulgo we wouldn’t have pants.
  • Alderaan group content shown is at the end of a ten-quest chain.
  • James Ohlen likes it when players die because that’s what wakes them up.  Medical probe helps to offset the extra deaths.
  • New Imperial companions
  • Blizz is a ranged tank.  This makes us giggle.
  • Blizz’ name did not come from where you think.

Thanks to Jeff Hollis and David Moore from TORWars for representing us at E3.  You fellas are the top!

  2 Responses to “E3: TORWars-CRR Interview with Daniel Erickson”

  1. Look at this. My two favorite sites working together. Nice interview. Love how friendly and “peronal” Ericksson makes this interviews feel. No wonder Bioware has made the Lead Writer the “face” of SWTOR in public. Nice interview. Thanks

  2. Great interview! You are the first one I have seen that actually asked about the amount of people in raids! Been wanting to know that for awhile, keep up the good work!

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