Jun 242011

Daniel Erickson’s Gamespot interview gave us our first look at the group mission on Alderaan at E3.  This week, BioWare prettied up the content to give it a more cinematic presentation in “Alderaan Highlights,” a video introduced by Dallas Dickinson.  It’s interesting to note that this more cinematic version is pretty dang close to how it felt watching the actual gameplay — very exciting to think of that movie-like experience in an MMO.  We were also pleased to hear Dallas say that this mission is one of “countless” group missions.  With flashpoints, raids, and plenty of additional group content, BioWare is making good on its promise to give the fans a fully-fleshed out MMO with more than a dash of RPG.

  2 Responses to “Friday Update: Alderaan Highlights”

  1. I liked the update. In contrast to the complaints on this being old news, it seems to me that we actually did learn something new. At 1:46 the smuggler uses a skill that resembles hacking the droid, crowd controlling it from distance. I might be wrong, but I dont think we saw that one before.

    New skill, new speculation: If the smuggler really hacks the droid, does that mean we have CC that only works for certain mob types? So far we only had CC working on all mobs… with ‘minor’ logic issues concerning droids getting stunned by stock strikes, smuggler kicks or flames.

  2. I’m in a very Zen place right now when it comes to Friday updates. They could give me five Fan Fridays in a row and I would be fine with it.

    Yes, that smuggler ability was new to me too. Mob-specific cc is an interesting idea, perhaps something that comes with the right talent specialization.

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