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Jul 012011

By Mark Pajor

[Editor’s note: We’d like to welcome new Staff Writer Mark Pajor to the Corellian Run Radio team.  In his first piece for the site, Mark gives his impressions of the new Bounty Hunter armor video.]

The “style” part of the title may be debatable, but if you’ve been itching for one more (and possibly final) Bounty Hunter-specific trailer, you’ll be happy with today’s Progression trailer.  Even if you don’t care for the armor pieces, the variety of non-human enemies in this trailer is through the roof. If you wanted to see your old Gamorrean friends, along with several other species, keep your eyes open for the enemies the Bounty Hunter contends with in this video.

Funny enough, this is actually the second Bounty Hunter progression video.  It’s easy to remember the recent ones – Jedi Knight, Sith Warrior, and Trooper – but the Bounty Hunter had the first.  But that was over a year ago, before major changes in the game’s graphical quality.  This video features all new content, too.  Plus, the new video is in the same format as its counterparts from the other classes: base class, advanced class, other advanced class.

Oh, and fans of Knights of the Old Republic might think the Mercenary’s first armor set looks vaguely familiar.  It’s good to know that Bioware hasn’t forgotten one of the strangest Bounty Hunters in the galaxy.

I wonder if the armor gives a bonus to your “counting to three” ability


If a good look at enemy species, new armor, KotOR references, and giant monsters isn’t something that appeals to you, there’s always next week.

  8 Responses to “Friday Update: Bounty Hunting in Veils, Goggles, and Style”

  1. oi!

    great video, and good insight Mark. welcome to da team!

    ok, so my comment is more in the hope that the ladies might mention it in the next podcast, but it looks to me like in this video, at about 30-32 sec into it, we get a sneak peak into the quest for the bounty hunter advanced class. i mean c’mon, its a pitfight between 4 bounty hunters, and the “player character” (the avatar undergoing the armor changes) is still in the same armor that he is in at the start of the video. i thought that was REALLY cool! especially since i have this really insane idea to buy 2 copes of the game and play both a bounty hunter (powertech, tank spec) and an agent (operative, healer spec). “LOLOL ima do group content by myself so’s i can hog all the drops to meself!”

    if any of you who have played the game and may have any insight into controlling your toon, that might help me to get this “dual box” scheme going, please let me know. i have a pretty good plan in mind, but i’m concerned that there might be too much control needed to operate a single toon, to split it up between 2 accounts simultaneously, without too much degradation of character ability.

    keep up the great work CRR!

  2. Ok, this is probably the first time I’m not gonna go all “Fan Boy” on one of these. My first overwhelming thought is “what’s with the friggin ant’s?” Somebody talk me down on this one. I’m not sure that I’m into the ant species. I’m going to have to listen to all the podcasts and get talked into accepting this.

    As for the armor, I really thought that was cool. I think Bounty Hunter will have to be my 3rd or 4th character.

    Welcome to the podcast Mark and nice job on catching the similarities between KOTOR and this BH. Carlo Nord if I remember correctly.

    CRR is great.

  3. I hate this video, it harms my republican pride 😉 .

    An interesting reference to Calo Nord, didn’t think of that when I saw the armor set but imho it’s both viable and nice to see. I like the way you think 😉 . Welcome!

  4. Thanks for the welcome, everyone!

    Dedly Ernest: I think it’s very likely that it’s a Bounty Hunter class mission. Perhaps part of the Great Hunt. Good luck trying to play multiple characters at a time! Seems like a lot of work to juggle at once.

    Elkatt: Yeah, I’m a bit unsure how I feel about these ant people, too. I’m pretty sure they’re these guys: http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Killik

    KC-Cullen: Must have hurt to see two of the Republic’s finest, the Jedi Knight and Trooper from past Armor Progression videos, get totally owned by that Bounty Hunter, eh? =P

    Looking forward to writing some more articles!

  5. That’s funny, my first reaction to the ant people was, ‘Whoa, I want to be one of those!”

  6. Oh, ok, I think I fought the Killik’s in SWG or creatures similar to them. I like the image on wiki, but I guess I’m not liking the big bulb butt’s bobbin’ around in the video. It just resembles an ant too much. Eh, whateveh.

  7. For me, it depends heavily on how they are in the game: what their society is like, what their goal is, etc.

  8. killik huh……..never heard of em. Guess i shouldn’t consider my novel set complete at “vision of the future” 🙂 lolol ty fer da research though Mark, i was wondering what the H E double hockeystix those ant people were. -_^

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