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Jul 072011

by Jason Taylor (@JT_HoloNet on Twitter)

[Editor’s note: Today we welcome new CRR Staff Writer Jason Taylor to our team.  Jason will be gathering Star Wars and SWTOR tidbits to share with our readers in his weekly column, “HoloNet Links.”]


  • Hot Dev Tid Bits

Hot off the press…Stephen Reid has heard the masses concerning the personal “speeder,”  and it looks like changes will be coming soon, but be patient, fans, they are not ready to announce any details yet.

More HoloNet Links and Comments after the jump.

Check out the comment yourself below. Any thoughts or ideas on what you think the vehicle should be?

StephenReid General Discussion -> Sorry… I dont want Segway for a speederbike.

Hey all. Apologies for being a bit late to the party on this.

Here’s the good news: the development team has been paying close attention to your feedback on vehicles. So thank you for those who said things that didn’t involve rude words.

Here’s the better news: we have more things to say about vehicles. Can’t elaborate yet, but there’s more to come.

Here’s the best news: we’ll start saying more about vehicles before too long. (No, not “This Friday” which seems to be the usual expectation. )

Stay tuned.


Need help to decide which class or species to select?

This short quiz asks questions about playing style, personality, roles you have played in games, questions about your character’s race, and several other types of questions. Your answers are given scores and the totals are displayed and show what is best  for you — class, advanced class, species, and even whether you favor light, dark or grey sides of the Force, according to your scores. Even if you already know it is a lot of fun. Please feel free to share your results in our forums. I found this site in a thread on The Old Republic forums posted by PatheticWretch. Thanks to Ben Brown at Strategery Games for graphic and quiz.

Okay, you have your class narrowed down and have a rough idea on your character’s race. Now all you need is a name. Thanks to a post by AricTaro in CRR forums, now you can get some help.

The site allows you to choose between male, female or neuter/no preference on gender. Next you select how many names you wish the site to generate. You also can choose regular or printer friendly. I found the regular setting faster to look for names. The printer friendly goes forward to a white page with the number of names selected. If you do not find a name you like, you will need to click back to start the process over.




Our next link comes from Facebook group member, Stewart Barker.  He created the following Star Wars video. The video combines the intro music to the Airwolf TV show and Stewart adds an Imperial flavor to it. The video speaks for itself. Nice job, Stewart, and thanks for the entertaining post.

That’s all this week from the HoloNet Links at Corellian Run Radio.

  2 Responses to “HoloNet Links #1”

  1. There’s some fun stuff here. Looking forward to future columns!

  2. Thanks Chris!

    There are hopefully going to be plenty of more fun things coming and a new feature starting this week, a featured guild of the week. Stay tuned to the HoloNet Links, here on the one and only Corellian Run Radio!

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