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Jul 142011

by Jason Taylor (@JT_HoloNet on Twitter)

Hot Dev Tid Bits
To medical probe or not medical probe for Death Penalty, that is the question.

George Zoeller takes some time to better explain Bioware’s position on how death will work in The Old Republic. Below are a few exerts, (not full post) from his post, but I suggest you check out the link for the entire post, especially for a scenario using the medical droid, sorry no spoilers in it.

GeorgZoeller “Hard” setting for game going to include a better “Death System” !?

I’d just like to reiterate our stance that Death Penalty makes a game more punishing, it does not create a greater challenge to overcome.”

“To resort to an overused term: It’s not terribly heroic to be risk averse. Heroes take risks and reap great rewards. If Han and Luke had been risk averse…”


“Obviously the threshold of what is acceptable is different from player to player and obviously we’re aiming to hit the sweet spot that is right for most of our players, so yes, if you’re ultra hardcore and wish the medical probe wasn’t there or could be only used once, you’re going to be disappointed … but nobody forces you to use it. The ‘revive at medcenter’ (and walk up to 15 minutes back to your death location is always available.

If that’s not acceptable, well, to put it after Obi Wan: “This might not be the punishing experience you are looking for”, because that system is not going away ”

What are your feelings on the current Death Penalty with medical probe? Let us know below in comment section or join our forums here at CRR.


Consular Fan Fiction Competition results are in!
The first forum fan fiction story contest has ended and we have a winner! The ‘Chronicles of War’, submitted by forum’s user Aniketos. His story will be featured in TORWars.com, jedisage.com and TOROCast.com. The winning author and the contest’s originator, Kellmorn, will be interviewed on The Mind Meld Podcast.

For more details on the winner, his submission, the runner-ups, and mention of another contest 8 times as big, please check out the entire post in the forums. Stay tuned for details about the next writing contest, starting July 18th! I would like to thank all those that voted for my story ‘Brothers’ (end shameless plug).


Much fun comics are
This comic speaks for itself. Check out this latest comic from CAD, Crtl+Alt+Del. Thanks to Carla for posting in the CRR forums. Want to check out more fun links? Take a moment and become a member of Corellian Run Radio forums. You never know what you might find.

And speaking of comics, everyone wish you could have signed comic book? If you answered yes, then help Corellian Run Radio celebrate their one year anniversary by participating in their contest. For contest details on how to enter, check out this article on the CRR website. Ten Contest winners will receive a Lost Suns #1 comic, signed by the author & Bioware Senior writer, Alexander Freed!


Video Fun

This week’s video section, I’m going with a music video. For one, it lets me pretend to be VJ back in the day on MTV and two this video is just awesome. The video is pieced together from the first two trailers for The Old Republic from Blur Studios and set to the song “You’re Going Down” by Sick Puppies. If you are not pumped up after this video to take up arms against your opposing faction, check your pulse. Enjoy!

That’s all this week from the HoloNet Links at Corellian Run Radio. If you have an interesting, funny, thought provoking Star Wars Old Republic link please let me know via email (jason@corellianrun.com), join the CRR forums, or in the Facebook group.

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