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Jul 152011

This week’s Extra Credits tackles the dreaded beast: microtransactions. James Portnow tells us why we should not necessarily be afraid of microtransactions, and what conditions must be met for microtransactions to exist in an MMO. He even dares to argue that they can improve an MMO.  Are you listening, BioWare?

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  5 Responses to “Extra Credits: MICROTRANSACTIONS”

  1. I wholeheartedly agree with this video about micro-transactions. It makes so much sense.

  2. That is a great video! Please gaming industry and players watch, listen and learn from this bundle of knowledge. Oh and, “never, never sell power”!

    This made so much sense it is crazy that more of the industry does not at least consider it. Hello, look at Facebook based games. Now mind you most of these sell power – which is not good, but many of them offer ways to let you obtain, even if it takes hundreds of friends or a lot lot longer.

    Please take this knowledge and pass it on to friends, colleagues, other gamers, etc.

  3. I would also say along with the “never sell power”, to include never (inclusive to MMORPGs only) restrict end-game and story content – that also divides the player base.

  4. I cannot disagree with you more.

    The only thing that free to play does, is bring more people into the game that shouldn’t be there in the first place. I know this sounds elitist etc. but seriously, if you cannot afford 15 bucks a month – you need to be doing more things with your life than playing video games – like – for instance getting a JOB !

    Secondly more players does not equal a better experience. I hate being mugged by people in a game begging for money or run me through this or that etc.

    OK, I do agree with part of what you say about micro transactions. Not selling power or needed items, Vanity items are ok to sell, but I don’t see game companies re-couping costs with that model. They need steady income to play for servers and maintenance, micro transactions are “bursty”. People will buy the latest item when it comes out. Thus game companies have to keep producing these items instead of improving the game and we all lose.

    All in all I would rather pay my money and commit to playing a game. Then just cancel it when I’m ready. Think Neflicks not blockbuster.

    – cheers

  5. I have played several free to play micro transaction based games, and on the whole, my experience with the system has been largely positive.

    I have no issue with the intelligent use of micro transactions as a payment model.

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