Jul 212011

Carla, Kathy, and Roxanne join Zach and Evan on the latest episode of Mos Eisley Radio.  We had fun debating the pros and cons of the text crawl, answering listener mail, and playing the MMO Loser game.

Listen to the full episode here.

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  2 Responses to “CRR On MER”

  1. Much love to Carla on this episode. You are absolutely right that they could add certain races just by disabling the appearance of certain pieces of armor that would create clipping issues.

    I see absolutely nothing wrong with the stats being associated with the toon without appearing to be visible.

    And you know what? Bioware feels the same way. They wouldn’t allow people to “hide helmet” if they were diametrically opposed to not letting stats be associated to toons without them being visible.

    The only limiting factor where races are going to be limited by Bioware, and there’s nothing we can do about it, is story.

    There’s already an excellent discussion on this in the official forums and I don’t want to get into it here, but the short of it is, I support Bioware’s reasoning for limiting species, but there are a few reasonable suggestions like Nautolan and Togruta that could be added to the game, and all it would take is permanently disabling the helmet appearance slot for those classes to make those work within the story.

  2. For me it comes down to this: if the only way we can have some more interesting playable species is to hide head gear, then I don’t have a problem with the discrepancy of wearing something that doesn’t show. After all, as Cornbread points out, many people (including me) choose “hide helmet,” so why not?

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