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Jul 282011

HoloNet Links #4.1 *update

Hot Topic!!

  • German article

Cebo, from the official SWTOR Forums, came across a German game magazine article that outlines more information regarding endgame raids and loot system.

Article thread in SWTOR forums

From the thread, above, you can read how there are two raid team sizes 8 and 16 and a loot system that might just cure the dreaded fighting over loot. The loot system is a sort of loot bag in which every time a boss is killed the team members get a loot bag. These bags will contain random items, credits etc. There seems to be also the standard boss drops so there will still be the “roll” for some items, but this system sounds like a way to give everyone a better reward in endgame! Only now if we can get it in plain English maybe……Any dev for a comment?


More HoloNet Links after the jump.

Dev News

  • Hot Dev Tid Bits

DavidBass General Discussion -> Official Comic-Con Feedback Thread

Originally Posted by Mater_energy

I wanted to touch on this portion since I didn’t attend the convention either. It would be nice if what was released at the event was also released onto the web site at the same time, I mean within a day or two of the announcement.

It always has been published during conventions in the past. We ran into a last-minute hiccup that forced us to push back the video. As I said, you’ll have it in your hands very soon.

AllisonBerryman General Discussion -> For those outside North America and Europe

Originally Posted by DarthPacman

Hey, I’ve been thinking, how will the early access work?
I mean, will they let us download the game even if we bought the physical edition or you’ll have to get the game at the retailer (wait for the retailer to send us the game in our case :/)?

You won’t need to wait for a physical copy of the game; you’ll be provided with information about downloading the client before Early Access begins.

Good news, sounds like we will be seeing new gameplay footage from Comic-Con. Just ease up on David Bass, there would have been footage, things just didn’t work out. A nice bit of news, for those who are getting physical game discs, about being able to still take advantage of early access.

Let us know below in comment section or join our forums here at CRR.


Community News

  • Old Republic breaks record for EA’s preorders!

Records are made to be broken, as the saying goes….

“As we get through the bulk of the summer, we’re going to be ramping up our beta campaign. And by the time we get to around September, we’ll be in a position to be able to really call the ball and give you the hard ship date,” Frank Gibeau. (videogamer.com 07-27-2011)

There were many things that could have gone better with how pre-orders were handled, but I’m sure there were several things that led them to do things like they did. Were they worried about servers crashing due to so many trying to place orders? Was it fear that, in this economy, the demand to buy the pre-order would not be there? Did they underestimate how many of the fan base would be sitting at their computers buying at that time of night (in the US)?  I don’t think we will ever know all the whys, but it is safe to say that players are very ready to play this game on sheer numbers alone. This Star Wars game might just catch on.


  • SWTOR Forums poll

View Poll Results: What aspects of MMOs are you most into?

This poll was started by Sean Dahlberg.

Which aspect of MMO games do you like? Let us know below in the comment section and in our forums. Don’t forget to cast your vote in the SWTOR forums.


Star Wars Fun

  • Star Wars theme Xbox 360 bundle

Star Wars Xbox 360 & game bundle

Would you love to have R2-D2 talk to you and C3PO be right there in your hand as you play Xbox360 or watch DVDs? Well now you can for a mere $450…a bit steep, but it’s a R2-D2 talking Xbox! Hmm maybe I can put it on my Christmas list….


That’s all this week from the HoloNet Links at Corellian Run Radio. If you have an interesting, funny, thought provoking Star Wars Old Republic link please let me know via email, join the CRR forums, or in the Facebook group. As I sign off for this week’s HoloNet Links, I leave you an image from www.dorkly.com. A little Star Wars image what if, for you all to enjoy. See you next week.

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