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Aug 082011

Highlighted Guilds

  • The Brotherhood of SWATH – Sith Empire Guild

Time for this week’s Guild Checkpoint and our featured guild is The Brotherhood of SWATH, from the Sith Empire.  We look at how they got their start, their officers, what other MMOs they have been a part of and much more. The Brother of SWATH likes to place fun as a high priority while playing the game in a “Casually Hardcore” way.


More about the Brotherhood of SWATH after the Jump…

  • Guild Q & A

What is SWATH and how did it start?

The SWATH started during the winter of ’07 during a snow storm.  RyantheGr8, myself, and another friend were stuck at work with nothing to do.  RyantheGr8 asked the age old question, “Who would win in a fight…Superman or the Hulk?”  That’s how it started.  The name SWATH came from what all the meteorologists were saying…”There’s a SWATH of snow heading across the entire area.”  From those beginning arguments RyantheGr8 started www.TournamentofSWATH.com and our forums at www.dorkside.forumwise.com. We quickly found that our forums were comprised of gamers from around the world.  A lot of the members primarily played on consoles platforms, especially FPS’s, but we never under a SWATH banner.  It just seemed natural to start playing PC games together under the SWATH banner.


Who are the primary officers for The Brotherhood of SWATH?

The Dorkside forums have their own “High Council”, including RyantheGr8 and Crowley.  For SWTOR the primary officers are Crowley, RyantheGr8, and Cmdr Batty.  We do have other officers with various areas of responsibility.


SWATH has been a part of some other MMO games. How will this experience help in SWTOR and with new players that might play this game as their first MMO?

The SWATH has been a part of a few different MMO’s, all with moderate success.  We’ve been in City of Heroes/Villains, Champions, and Star Trek Online, WoW, and Lord of the Rings Online.  We try to immerse ourselves in each game by changing the name of the guild (I know, unheard of, right?) to fit the game we’re playing.  Examples being Republic of SWATH (CoH), Empire of SWATH (CoV), and Section 31 (Star Trek Online…we were the original Section 31 on the STO forums).  So while we (mostly) keep “SWATH” in our guild name we’re not opposed to changing things around to fit with what we’re playing.  That’s why we’re the Brotherhood of SWATH in SWTOR.

We run the gamut.  With each of the games we play we share tips and tricks, secrets, and strategies.  Because our forums have such a wide a varied audience we’re used to newcomers coming in and showing them “the ropes”.

While we like to recruit mostly in-game with people we meet, we’re certainly not opposed to recruiting outside the game.  With Star Trek Online we recruited very heavily before the game.  This can be both a blessing and curse, but as long as those we recruit beforehand are active on our forums we get the chance to get to know them and they get the chance to know us.  We’re a friendly bunch…opinionated, but friendly.  LOL




How would you describe the goals or play styles of The Brotherhood of SWAT, Endgame, PVP, and/or PVE?

In a word we are “Casually Hardcore”.  Wait, that’s two words, isn’t it?  Look, we’re no Earthen Ring or Death and Taxes type guild.  Yes, we LOVE to PVP!  Yes, we LOVE to endgame!!  We’re more about our members having fun, playing at their own pace, and helping each other out than we are about hardcore, 40+hrs a week, raiding every other night, and sucking the fun out of a game.  Sure, we want the cool gear and to dominate our enemies but we’re not going to tick off guild members by making Operations, Flashpoints, or PvP sessions mandatory.  We want our members to WANT to do those things with us, not force them to do them with us.


How do you see a podcast, which you guys have helping your guild?

We’ve had SWATH Radio around for over two years now.  It was a “live” show that we did once a week.  It started out as an outlet for our forums and then as an outlet for our paranormal investigation team (SWATH Paranormal Group SHAMELESS PLUG) and even had a stint as a political show.  I told you, we’re opinionated.   LOL In all of SWATH Radio’s incarnations it’s always been a way to communicate what’s going on with our guilds.

With SWTOR coming out it just seemed “logical” (STAR TREK REFERENCE FOR LOSS OF MORE COOL POINTS) to make the website a “fan site” and turn the podcast into a sounding board for all things SWTOR and SWATH. It serves as a show to get the whole community, not just the SWATH, excited about SWTOR.

Once the game releases SWATH Radio will be more of an informational outlet for the game.  It will allow the community, and the SWATH, to know what to expect in the game, our thoughts and the thoughts of the community on the game, but will also be a place to discuss what the BoS is doing in game.  It will document our accomplishments and victories on the road to crushing the Republic.  It will also be a place for the community to get to know the BoS.  What we’re about.  What we do.  How we do it.  So on and so forth.

Through SWATH Radio we’ve already made several friends within the community and hope to make more.  I think SWATH Radio just adds another dimension to the guild that not all guilds have.  Hopefully, it attracts players to us and keeps them, at least, entertained.


What is one aspect, so far revealed, in TOR has you and your guild excited about, besides the launch?

Launch…Definitely the launch.  Oh, you said, “besides the launch”.  In that case, it’s the chance to immerse ourselves in the Star Wars Universe.  If you haven’t noticed yet, we’re all a bunch of geeks.  LOL We love sci-fi, especially Star Wars.  If you look at our forums Top 25 you’ll see that Darth Revan is number 1. Members are looking forward to revealing those secrets surrounding Revan.  The rest of us just want the chance to play as some of our favorite archetypes.  Whether it’s the Boba Fetteseque Bounty Hunter, the Darth Vaderesque Sith Warrior, or the Palpatinesque Sith Inquisitor,  the guild is really looking forward to building their own stories in the universe for themselves and for the Brotherhood!!


If someone is looking to join the Brotherhood of SWATH who should they contact, and what steps do they need to take?

Right now, we’re a small guild so everyone is welcome.  Hell, if we ever get to be a large guild we’ll welcome anyone.  It’s really up to the member to decide if we’re a good fit for them and not vice versa like some other guilds do.
If someone wants to become a member just put in an application at

Or they can check us out first on our forums at, http://www.dorkside.forumwise.com


This Q&A with Crowley, was just a taste of his and the guild’s sense of fun, although some editing was done. Oh and yes the number of mentions of another certain sci-fi franchise have been calculated and Mr. Crowley’s score has gone into the negative zone. Thanks to Crowley and everyone at the Brotherhood of SWATH, for being this week’s featured guild. Keep having fun guys. If your guild would like to be highlighted on CRR‘s Guild Checkpoint, please submit your guild’s name and website in an email to me at jason@corellianrun.com.

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