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Aug 092011

Group Stealth, Harry Potter-Style

The whole crew is back together this week – Carla, Kathy, and Roxanne review the new videos and how they’re starting to look like they’ve been directed by Michael Bay. We also delve into the good, bad, and ugly of microtransactions.

FACT OR FICTION: Can you pick out the confirmed fact from the tall tales?  This week’s host challenge involves the Jedi Consular companion, stealth, and blaster colors.

More Show Notes and Comments after the jump…

FROM THE NEWSNET & BEYOND: Roundup of the most important announcements and news.

  • 7/29 Fri Update: Esseles Walkthrough. Dallas Dickinson guides us through an early flashpoint – cutscenes galore and play-by-play descriptions.
  • 8/5 Fri Update: San Diego Comic Con Highlights video. Our first SWTOR infomercial!
  • 8/5 Fri Update: Jedi Consular finally get some lovin’. Class trailer, companion Qyzen Fess, Corvette Defender.
  • EA re-organization. Gamasutra reports that BioWare gets its own label under EA Games.
  • Gamescom Aug 17-21 in Cologne Germany.
  • Dev Tracker: Georg mentions Smuggler group stealth in the official forums. He also confirms that the Imperial Agent will have it on Google Plus.
  • Daniel Erickson tells us that switching companions will no longer require a trip back to the ship on Google Plus.

Quick Mentions


SITH OR JEDI: We find out which path we walk in real life with The Test of the Collector’s Edition.


This Extra Credits: Microtransactions episode spawned our discussion on the dreaded MT.

Thanks from Corellian Run Radio

  • Thanks to gsworld and Prince Ali of ia for leaving us positive reviews on iTunes.
  • Special thanks from Kathy to Carla and all our gifted staff writers – Mark, Jason, Chris, Noah, PoisonTaco –who have kept the articles rolling out while Kathy has been seriously MIA these past couple weeks.


  4 Responses to “Episode 30: “Your Foot’s Sticking Out!””

  1. I think everything purchasable by micro-transactions – in any game – should be permanent. Whether it’s a consumable or temporary bank space, that just doesn’t feel right.

    And Roxanne, you should preorder! Early Game Access seems like a pretty good reason, to me. I understand waiting until they announce the release date, though. Especially since they make you put money down. That’s part of the reason I ordered through Amazon – you don’t have to put any money down; they don’t charge you until it ships and it’s easy to cancel (like I did when I canceled Standard and ordered Collector’s).

  2. Great show as always! I liked the Jedi Consular being treated as a “monk”, but when it’s time to fight he is total kick butt.

    Carla is the total “Guild Mom”, especially if mom is Sith 🙂

    Gentle Giant keeps their statues rare, so the Collector’s Edition is only going to have a set number. Now Digital Deluxe is probably going to have plenty of copies, especially once release date is official known 🙂

    Since Facebook games have micro-transactions, like those from Zynga, are here to stay. They also bring many players to games that may not have ever thought about playing. Just please do not sell power, ever! Personally, I would not like to see it in SWTOR, but I figure there will be some sort of micro-transactions in the game, even if not at launch. I agree with you ladies and Mark, about the items purchased with micro-transactions should be permanent.

    @Roxanne Early access seems like a pretty good reason to me 🙂

  3. Speaking on the topic of micro transactions, one game that I feel does it beautifully is Team Fortress 2. As a Free player, you get access to every single map, every single class, and nothing is off limits.

    The Paying players are able to buy cosmetic items and some weapons and gear. The difference is that this gear is not more powerful than the rest of the gear in the game, it’s just different. So instead of “buying power” and getting an item with +10% weapon damage, the item instead will be like +10% weapon damage BUT -10% ammo capacity. So the premium weapons are not better, they’re just different to suit players’ playstyles.

    Also, its possible to get most if not all of the weapons in the store just by playing the game. It’s a little time consuming, but this system allows for those with money to pay for what they want, and those with time to PLAY for what they want. It’s a brilliant system and it’s caused me to fork over some cash without a doubt!

  4. Roxanne totally pwned this episode!

    I kind of like DDO’s micro-transactions, even though the game itself isn’t exactly my cup of tea. When you do spend some money, you can see exactly where it’s going – like developing such and such dungeon. It never really felt like I wasn’t getting my few bucks worth.

    In SWTOR, though… it’s a BioWare game. It’s a cinematic story experience. Aggressive micro-transactions would totally undermine that. I’ll be much happier with a regular subscription, so I don’t have to think about credit card bills while I’m focusing on the moral dilemmas of blasting people out into space.

    … and we’re still talking about TOR. 🙂

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