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Aug 152011

Highlighted Guild

  • The Sons of Anarchy – Sith Empire Guild

This week on Guild Checkpoint we take a look at the Sons of Anarchy, a Sith Empire. Many of you may recognize their guild’s name from the TV series of the same name.  Did the show influence the guild creation? Have they been involved in other MMO games? Rizzah, from Sons of Anarchy, answers these questions and gives us a little more about something their guild has called “crew skills”.


More information about Sons of Anarchy after the Jump…

  • Guild Q&A

How did your guild come up with the name and how did Sons of Anarchy guild start?

I’m an avid fan of the show sons of anarchy, (I have all the available seasons on bluray) as I was watching the last season and following the Old Republic I began thinking how to incorporate the two.  My brother and I are fierce MMO gamers; we’d both been playing since Luclin came out in Everquest.  We had been in a smaller casual guild and assisted our guild mates with obtaining their epics and played pretty much through The Legacy of Ykesha.  We moved on to SWG for a stretch, again joining a casual guild, my brother went back to Everquest and eventually onto WoW.  While I began to dabble in Vanguard, Pirates of the Burning Sea, EVE and Everquest 2.  We joined up again recently in WoW as we both began to follow TOR.  We had talked about forming a guild together since back in Everquest but neither of us had time between school and work.  We are both out of school now and hold down steady jobs and thought this would be a perfect opportunity to put our collective admiration for Star Wars and Sons of Anarchy together.


What type of guild would Sons of Anarchy be classified as and what server are you planning to be on with the guild?

We are planning to be on a PvP server, I’ve always been a great fan of PVP of any kind, while my brother likes PVE and raiding.  This was when we came up with our own “crew” system. We have two crews available; one for focused PVP and one that focuses on PVE. These crews are not mutually exclusive; you may belong to one, both or none. Reaper crew is our focused team PVP crew; which gives an outlet for those looking for highly competitive organized guild PVP. Mayhem crew, our focused PVE group, provides members with organized raiding.  We thought the organization would work great and give those wanting a focus a place to focus their skills and abilities.

We also want to make sure we point out that our founding members look to steer the direction of the guild, however no major decisions regarding the guild will never be made without a majority vote, leaving everyone with a voice within our organization.


Here is a recruitment video by the Sons of Anarchy. It mentions a bit more about their “crew” system for the guild. I recommend reading the information below the video there is more details on the system.


What type of guild would you consider SoA to be: hardcore, fun-oriented, casual, focused on endgame? Tell us what someone can expect from being in SoA guild.

What we are hoping for is a great community of guildmates, so there will be something for those who are more casual, I don’t know that we’d consider ourselves hardcore, but we definitely want to skill up and be able to consistently raid the endgame content as well.


Sons of Anarchy have been in MMOs for 10yrs, what are some gameplay features your guild is looking for in SWTOR or what are some things you are excited about that is going to be unique?

Obviously you can’t overlook the story and the voice over work, from what I’ve seen it’s amazing and its nothing like anything we’ve seen before.   Seeing the choices you make matter is very exciting and the crew and crafting system is very intriguing and can’t wait to see how some of that turns out.


I noticed on your site that you are looking for officers. What type of officers and what kind of qualifications or qualities is SoA looking in officer applicants?

We are looking those who are willing to learn, those who are patient and those that won’t put other down.  The main goal of an officer is to help and guide those in need and steer everyone to be better.

As long as you have an open mind, a willingness to learn and a good attitude we will welcome you into an officer position.


What is it that drew you and your guild to SWTOR and what was the deciding factor for the faction of the guild?

I grew up watching Star Wars as a kid, I was born in the early 80’s, my brother was born in the late 80s and we’d watch it every chance we got.  We’ve also both been fans of Bioware games for a long time now and it was only a natural progression after all the MMOs we’ve been involved with.  We chose the empire because it seemed to fit well with the Sons of Anarchy motif, the rebels, its all in the attitude 😉


If someone is going to roll a Sith and wishes the join Sons of Anarchy who should they contact, and what steps do they need to take?

Those that wish to join up with the sons of anarchy can find us several different ways; the official swtor.com guild site, make sure you apply there first (http://www.swtor.com/guilds/29251/sons-anarchy)

I’ve been coding and writing our main guild website and hope to roll out a ton of new features prior to the release of the game, you can find us at http://sons.heroku.com.

We also have a twitter page setup http://twitter.com/soator and our YouTube page will be up shortly with recruitment videos at http://www.youtube.com/TheSoaTOR

And people can always contact me through private message on the official swtor.com website as well as via email rizzah@gmail.com


Thanks to Rizzah for his time answering my questions, and sharing more about the guild Sons of Anarchy. If you are looking for a Sith guild with some experience or if you are wanting to help out more in a leadership role as a possible officer, contact Sons of Anarchy to start your journey in The Old Republic. Looking to have your guild highlighted on CRR‘s Guild Checkpoint, then please submit your guild’s name, faction and website in an email to me at jason@corellianrun.com.

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