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Aug 272011

Day two at PAX Prime has yielded some small bits of information. Bioware has kept their cards very close and not giving us more than they wanted us to know, however, we were given some items of information, during the Q&A panel, that might just bring a smile to the community. It is also builds up more excitement as to what we will find out in tomorrow’s press conference.


More about what was said after the Jump…

Corellian Run Radio’s hosts – Carla, Kathy and Roxanne, attended Star Wars: The Old Republic’s presentation at PAX Prime show floor. After the showing of the Huttball trailer and Eternity Vault – one of the endgame operations, there was a Q&A session.

A few things we learned:

  • Release Date is targeted for holiday season – yes this year
  • Loot containers in operations are meant for easy difficulty setting – loot distribution for higher level operations is still being tested, but will have better quality loot
  • No mailing items to opposing factions


Now for the good parts, those at the panel found out some of the topics for Sunday’s press conference. First off, for all those doubters not getting any bits of new information, it is confirmed one of Sunday’s press conference topics…Open World PVP! Yes ladies and gentlemen, it clearly looks like the masses have been heard and you have a new piece of information. What will the Open World PVP be and where will it take place? We will have to wait till tomorrow’s press conference.

Secondly, Daniel Erickson mentioned a little something about after release plans! Now before everyone starts making “train” sounds, it was quickly followed up by Stephen Reid emphasizing “a tiny bit” would be told Sunday about after release. Let’s all keep our expectations in check, but folks it is getting closer!

So does Open World PVP have you excited for tomorrow’s press conference? What could Daniel Erickson be hinting about concerning post release? Let us know your thoughts in our comment section.


  One Response to “Hints about “Open” conflicts?? at PAX Prime 2011”

  1. I am excited, nervous, and at the same time skeptical.

    Excited because yes, I very much want to hear about open world pvp in TOR.

    Nervous because, I’m excited about open world pvp in TOR, what if the reveal sounds awful?

    Skeptical because, I have some doubts as to how detailed the information on world pvp will be. It could be “We have it!”, something something something about heroic combat like Star Wars, queue trailer and we’re done.

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