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Aug 282011

Meet and greet with Bioware was held last night, August 27th. After everyone got through the line to get into the Hyatt, the location for the meet & greet, the event started off with a Q&A session with several from the team helping bring Star Wars: The Old Republic to life. In attendance were, Blaine Christine, Cory Butler, Rich Vogel, Daniel Erickson, Gabe Amatangelo, Stephen Reid, David Bass and magically appearing, a bit into the event was James Ohlen.


More about what we found out in the Q&A after the Jump…

As many Q&A sessions go, there were some questions we already knew the answers, but others we found out some interesting information.


  • Q: Any feature that caused a delay of release?

A: Rich-No

  • Q: Lightsaber colors?

A: Daniel-We’ll be talking about that down the road…fans should be happy.

  • Q: Testing weekends, based on pre-orders or anything else?

A: Can’t talk about that yet

  • Q: Capital Ships or Trophies?

A: Not at launch, but on “Wall of Crazy”

  • Daniel Erickson mentioned that they are working on adding mods to gear, similar to sockets.
  • There will be no dye or coloring system for armor in place
  • Rich Vogel mentioned about taking proactive steps to fight gold sellers. David Bass added they were not going to go into it or sellers will know.
  • James Ohlen discussed gear. The best gear will be from operations, PVP gear will also be good, but more specialized for PVP. Crafted gear will be used and needed to get into operations.
  • He also answered about faction changing. The main reason for not having it in the game, it would be too expensive to develop. One day they might figure out how to make it work efficiently.
  • They talked about that just because you are Light side, does not mean you are a “Pollyanna.” An example, Qui Gon Jin gambled & lied…from a certain point of view (+100 cool points if you get the Star Wars reference)
  • A player’s appearance changing, based on morality, is not currently in the game.
  • Crafting bonuses for companions on the way out
  • There is no threat meter in the game “currently.” In their words, “You have to feel it.”
  • Guild banks are NOT in at launch. This is number one priority for after launch.

I know that there are some very disappointing topics there, and anyone who knows me, knows I am a huge “glass half full” guy. The two glaring ones are no guild banks and the color system for armor/clothing. I am relieved that the guild bank system is their number one priority after launch, but I am very confused why they would not have already had that in the game. The second one, for me, is the color/dye system not being in the game. My reason for wanting it, besides keeping myself looking “pimp,” is because this would give guilds a way to identify themselves. Currently, as far as I know, there is no guild identification, besides probably a floating guild name, above a player’s character. I know the customary tabard would not fit within the Star Wars universe. So what would work for guilds besides an emblem system or the coloring of player’s armor to match others in his or her guild?

What are your thoughts? Maybe more will be answered in today’s press conference and make all of this or most of it all mute point. Let us know in the comments below.

  8 Responses to “Bioware Meet & Greet with bonus info…”

  1. Yea its weird that they didnt put guild banks into the game already,seems like it should be easy, but its not a big deal if they implement it soon after launch. For guilds it would be cool if every guild has its own special logo thta they can put on a chest piece.

  2. Thanks for the comment Sasbas.

    I completely agree with you. I like your idea on the special logo on chest piece.

  3. Thanks, whoever asked the question i wanted to get anwered, “Will our characters appearance change according to our morality decisions, ala KOTOR”

  4. It basically proves that they were rushed. They just let out some unimportant things that could for now be delayed which they could work on later.

  5. There will be an option to recolor your armor pieces to match your current chest piece, so that’s something at least. It should keep people who don’t want to look like a mismatched clown happy. It would be nice though if it was more flexible, to allow some guilds to have common colors (if not logos or capes or tabards or whatever). But having the basic feature in at launch leaves plenty of developmental room for post-launch expansion of that system.

    And I really really hope that they’re waiting on the guild banks to put them in on guild capital ships! That would be such a killer feature. Obviously not something that they can squeeze in before launch at this late date, but definitely doable for the Big Wall of Crazy post-launch.

  6. @sasbas

    I totally agree with the specific guild logo/emblem placed on the armor or clothes of the guild members. I think that is very appropriate to the IP as well as a neat bit of customization.

    Ironically, Halo I think came up with a good system for this. It allowed the player to color and choose certain logos as well as add multiple layers to the logos from a choice of preset patterns.

    This helps prevent the “time to male reproduction organ” problem that developers worry about when creating player created designs in game as well as giving them significant customization options to make them feel different from other guilds.

  7. “Yea its weird that they didnt put guild banks into the game already,seems like it should be easy, but its not a big deal if they implement it soon after launch.” – sasbas

    Unfornately it tend to be harder because of premission have to be added to the guild bank system. STO launched there game without guild bank premission and that cause a be issue right at launch because some people would go from guild to guild stealing all the guild’s credits and items. So I would rather spend the extra time to add that in than have a guild bank with no protection on it.

  8. If the reasoning for not adding the guild banks is due to making security better for guilds or giving the guilds better management over that system, then I’m okay in saving it for post launch. I do think that needs to be addressed one way or the other.

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