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Aug 302011

We had a blast at PAX Prime. We got to chat with the devs, hang out with other people who have been following the game, play a little Huttball.  All in all, a very fun weekend. For those hoping for brand new content, the pickings were a little slim, but we did get bits of info here and there that help expand our understanding of the game. The new information has been highlighted in gold.

Capital ships, trophies

  • Probably not a launch, but on the wall of crazy.

More Overview info after the jump

Character Creation

  • No slider system for minute facial changes, but plenty of options for eyes, hair, skin tone, etc.
  • Certain features such as tattoos are class specific.
  • More character creation features being added all the time.


  • Basic threat mechanics are in the game.
  • Currently no in-game threat meter, you have to “feel it.”
  • Gabe hopes to see an in-game threat meter. Raiders, make your voices heard!


  • Still may be used in flashpoints.
  • Still probably not going to be in operations.


Crew Skills

  • Companion bonuses for crew skills “on the way out.”

Cross-faction Communication

  • No chat channel to talk to the opposite faction.

Gear Customization

  • No dyes for color adjustment.
  • The “anti-clown” feature for automatic color matching still in place.
  • Your gear can be modded in such a way that you can make even social outfits raid-ready. Sand People costumes in Operations!

Guild banks

  • Not in now, but they know how important they are, so if not at launch, then a number one priority after launch.


Even though I had no idea how my character worked, I still had a blast running around, falling off ramps, getting fried in the fire traps, trying to chase down the ball handler. This game will only get better as people learn their classes and attempt basic strategies to win. Color commentary from Gabe Amatangelo and other BioWare peeps really enhanced the experience. Currently there is no spectator mode for Huttball, but Gabe says the “building blocks are there,” and they are looking into making that happen.


  • Parts of the current UI are customizable.
  • They are continuing to work with it to add more options. Not sure what will be in at launch.


  • World boss loot will not be as good as flashpoint/operation loot.
  • Loot containers meant for EZ-mode flashpoints and operations. Currently exploring options for loot distribution at harder modes.


  • Planet Ilum will be a planet-wide open world PvP zone.
  • Warzone commendations + mercenary commendations will get you the best PvP gear.

Raid lockouts, loot, and size

  • Currently there are two difficulties, easy and hard.
  • Easy and hard modes do not share a lockout.
  • If a third difficulty were added, the hard and medium would share a lockout, but easy would have its own.
  • Right now, 8-man raids and 16-man raids do share a lockout.
  • A 16-man raid drops same quality loot as an 8-man raid, but drops slightly more than twice the amount, which will be a small incentive to run the larger raids.

Release date

  • “Targeting the holiday season.”


  • September weekends begin Sept. 2nd. Greatly expanding testing on weekends only. Check your Inboxes!
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