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Sep 122011

Highlighted Guild

  • The Scarlet Order – Sith Empire Guild

Today on Guild Checkpoint, we take a look at The Scarlet Order, a guild for the Sith Empire. I decided to take a little different approach for this checkpoint. As it was a member of this guild, and not an officer, who contacted CRR, why not get his point of view. Without anymore waiting, let’s get into the Q&A and meet Exodus Kloon and his take on the guild, The Scarlet Order.


More about The Scarlet Order after the Jump…

  • Guild Q&A

How did The Scarlet Order start?

 Over many years of playing MMO’s with mostly the same few people, we have seen the rise and fall of many guilds. Together, with a few new faces we have picked up along the way, we have the experience and skills to execute a perfect command structure, if we all put in the effort and time. Seeing many of us, already in the guild along with the sheer number of associates we have meet, have shown extreme interest in this game’s development and its highly anticipate release.

The Scarlet Order has a well laid out set of policies, how did you all come about them?

 From our experiences in other guilds, fleets, supergroups and other communities, our leadership has sought to create “The Perfect Guild” from our knowledge of what has worked in the past and our ideas for the future. From this belief we have formed a guild that will endure where others have failed.

“We are a family,” this statement embodies the soul of The Scarlet Order. It is our hope and our pride. If there are those like us, who seek this kind of environment then let The Scarlet Order be your home. No matter what your religious, economic, political or regional status is, The Scarlet Order will accept those who prove that they play with their best effort and maintain a positive outlook.

“We are a family,” this statement embodies the soul of The Scarlet Order. Exodus from The Scarlet Order

In your policies and other guild areas, the word family comes up; can you explain what that word means to the guild and how you encourage it?

 Family comes first and the guild comes second. If real life (rl) gets in the way, we understand that, life doesn’t revolve around the guild and SWTOR. The Guild and SWTOR can’t pay the bills, lol. We encourage this by simply being together as a guild; we don’t need to enforce it. We are a drama free guild and if there is drama in the guild we will address it accordingly.

 What attracted the guild to SWTOR?

 People who are in the guild share interest in Star Wars and want to play SWTOR. There are a lot of people tired of the traditional MMO, and tired of WOW being top dog.

When you say tired of playing the traditional MMO, how do you think SWTOR will change your experience?

Story driven MMO, new game mechanics, and hey it’s Star Wars, enough said lol.

What methods have you used to recruitment new members?

By doing & participating in community contests on SWTOR website. Currently in a contest right now, by doing things like that, can help get us exposure and hopefully new members. Also by doing this Q&A for Guild Checkpoint, we will hopefully attract new members.


They also have a recruitment video. Let’s check it out!


How does the community inside the Scarlet Order work, would you consider it like a family?

We post all the time on our forums and talk to each other on Dolby Axon.  I would consider it like a family because we all are there for each other when real life comes up. We also have a lot of fun with each other teasing and constantly joking.

Your guild has been a part of other games, how does The Scarlet Order plan on using that experience to better help in SWTOR?

 Using the collective knowledge of our members and taking what they have learned will help in SWTOR. Using basic MMO skills, found in other games (teamwork, controlling aggro, knowing roles etc.), to help us progress in SWTOR. Using game mechanics from other games is useful because we can figure out methods of clearing content.

The Scarlet Order is called a “progression orientated” guild, how exactly does your guild define that and how does The Scarlet Order plan to achieve progression?

Until the game comes out, we achieve progression right now by getting more members. After the release, we will progress by leveling up, completing Flashpoints and Operations in the game.

Along the terms of progression, does your guild have a ranking system or levels for guild members?

 At this current time we have just one guild leader and only obtain Core Member status after being active so long and getting DKP. We will set-up a guild ranking system when the game launches.

I noticed you mentioned DKP. Can you explain DKP and how it works within The Scarlet Order?

Right now DKP is used to track activity in the guild. Those who are active in the forums and voice chat get 5 DKP per week, and can be used for when we go on Raids/Operations.

Does The Scarlet Order like Bioware’s take on adding more story elements to the MMO genre?

100% Yes!

As a gamer, do you like the voice-over and added story content for your character’s story?

I love the voice over stuff.

Exodus, what class do you plan to play and why? Is The Scarlet Order looking for specific classes to fill up their roster?

 I plan on playing a Sith Warrior as my main character. Even though Twi’leks might not be able to be a Sith Warrior, I will still play a one. I will just make a Sith Inquisitor as an alternate.  We are looking for all Sith classes but the need is varied at this time. Sith Warrior: Low, Bounty Hunter: Medium, Sith Inquisitor: Low, Imperial Agent: High

What server type, PVE or PVP and is there a specific time zone for your guild?

  We are PVP guild. We are a West Coast guild w/ members on West Coast, East Coast and the Midwest.

You stated The Scarlet Order is a PVP guild, does this mean you will be playing on a PVP server at launch?

Oops must have been typing too fast. We will be participating in PVP, but we are a PVE guild. We will be playing on PVE server, come launch.

What brought you to applying to The Scarlet Order?

 A drama free guild that doesn’t have the typical whining, BS etc. sometimes found in other guilds. The best part was finding people like me, who know life isn’t a game.

When you say, “Life isn’t a game,” what do you mean and how does The Scarlet Order help relate this idea in the guild and to new members?

Life isn’t just being immersed into the guild or a game w/o neglecting the real world. People have jobs, girlfriends, wives, husbands, boyfriends etc. We understand it gets in the way at times.

As a member, what are some things a new member can expect after joining The Scarlet Order?

A fun atmosphere, currently we have members playing other games to bide the time till SWTOR is released. Be active on the forums, come hang out with us on Dolby Axon.

If a player is planning on playing a character for the Sith Empire, how or what steps do they need to take in order to become a member of The Scarlet Order?

 They simply need to read our guild policy and apply at The Scarlet Order Bioware guild site and our main website for The Scarlet Order. Once approved, welcome aboard 🙂


I want to thank Exodus Kloon, for his time and being a part of Guild Checkpoint. I really appreciated his point of view, as a member of The Scarlet Order, and hope you did too. If you are thinking of playing a Sith character, I would suggest checking them out and see if their guild is for you.

If you are a guild looking to be highlighted on Corellian Run Radio, drop me an email at jason@corellianrun.com, or leave a post in our forums at CRR.

  One Response to “Guild Checkpoint”

  1. Great Job Exodus! Great read, Great answers, as another member of The Scarlet Order, I’m proud bro!

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