Sep 142011

UPDATE: Many Dev Tracker posts on this topic!

  • Stephen says that re-invited will join a much larger pool of new invited and new invitees may be spread over multiple weekends here.
  • He clarifies that actual invites have NOT yet been sent out, just an email to those who were originally invited that first weekend here.
  • This move to re-invite those in the first weekend is a one-time event to address invite problems and the general policy of not re-inviting weekend testers still stands. Also, weekend testing will include EU players here.
  • Those invited for Weekend Testing are still eligible for Regular Testing here.

Original post on re-inviting first round of weekend testers and Comments after the jump.

Hot off the the developer tracker…

Today we re-invited all testers who were invited to our Beta Testing Weekend #1 back to a future Beta Testing Weekend (which will happen on as yet unspecified date). Stephen Reid

Stephen goes on to explain in greater detail in his post. This gives the first group of beta weekend testers a fair shake at testing the latest build. That can only be a good thing, if they are already discussing the plans for who will be testing the next beta weekend. The only question left…is when? Stay tuned to Corellian Run Radio for more details when they are made available!

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