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Sep 222011

HoloNet Links #12

Don't be allies with the Council...They are total n00bs

It was another eventful week with news for Star Wars: The Old Republic. Bioware giving us information on last Friday’s update about Combat Animation, and a Community Q&A with Gabe Amatangelo. Most of those questions focused on PVP, possible Tournament System, Dual Spec’ing and more. After scheduled maintenance at www.swtor.com, Guild Phase 2 was revealed. This is the time for guilds to start aligning with Allies and/or picking Adversaries. This seems like a nice step closer to launch, and on that happy thought, let’s get into the rest of this past week’s links – Dev notes, Star Wars & Gaming in Science, article links for CRR, Republic Trooper Fansite interview, Fan Fiction – Mandalorian Girl & much more…

 More Informative & Fun links after the Jump…


Dev Notes

  • Hot tid bits

The big news so far has to be Guild Phase 2 starting! There was a bit of confusion on some of the Alignment process. You can look below at an article written here at Corellian Run Radio about Guild Phase 2. Also be sure to read David Bass’ post concerning Guild Phase 2 Alignment.

DavidBass News and Announcements -> Guild Alignment Begins

We’ve seen some confusion today with the launch of Phase 2: Alignment that we’d like to clear up. As stated in the Guild FAQ, the Pre-Launch Guild Program allows you to register your guild before the game releases in order to be placed on a server with your Allies/Adversaries at launch. At no time do we force you to join a specific server, either as a guild or as a player. During Phase 3: Deployment, we will assign servers to qualified guilds, effectively reserving their guild name on those servers and ideally placing them alongside their Allies and/or Adversaries. Guild members are free to accept the offer in-game, or they can choose to ignore it and join whichever server they’d prefer instead.

If you have any questions or concerns about the Guild Headquarters, I encourage you to read the entirety of the Guild FAQ. It addresses each phase of the Pre-Launch Guild Program separately, and provide answers to common questions regarding the program.


This week also had an investor’s conference for EA, with CFO Eric Brown. I listened in on the call. It was informative phone conference. Although, some gamers took some comments a bit too literal. I think Stephen Reid summed it up best by the following post:

StephenReid General Discussion -> Release date speculation thread

Let’s try and get one thing very clear:
Investor calls and conferences are for investors. They are not meant for the general public.

There is more in his post, and I would encourage everyone to take some time and click on the link above his quote, to see the rest of his post.

Sith Inquisitor -> incombat stealth for stealth classes?

The Marauder/Sentinel stealth really isn’t stealth, it’s a very short term ability usable for both escape or offense. You’re not going around with it undetected for any significant period of time.

All classes which have long term (modal) stealth abilities (Agent, Smuggler, Shadow, Assassin) have access to an ‘in combat’ stealth, the ability to engage their stealth ability while actively engaged in combat. This is a fairly recent change we’ve hinted at a number of times. Players that follow the stealth centered skill tree in their class (e.g. Infiltration) also have the ability to further improve this ability.

Having not played the game yet, I do not know for sure, but this seems like a bit of a change for the Marauder and Sentinel ACs. If it is a change, I support it, because it seems to make stealth more of a viable option for Agent, Smuggler, Shadow & Assassin ACs. This is done for balance, I am sure. Making sure to balance the classes is a good thing.


EmmanuelLusinchi General Discussion -> Question: Does ToR hav 1st Person view?

It is indeed possible to get in first person view by using the mouse-wheel, as most people on this thread have guessed.

However, to be honest, rather than being a full-blown mode, this is mainly provided for those times when the player is so close to a wall that the camera has no other choice but to get into first person view.

It is however quite nice to use in a few cases, such as “taking in” a scenery, and I find myself using it from time to time.
I hope this answers your question!

Never thought about asking, but I assumed there would be some form of First Person perspective, at least for screenshots. Glad the question was asked and we know for sure.

GeorgZoeller Bounty Hunter -> BH forum is dying

You’ll get something to talk about soon 🙂

That is what the industry would call a tease, nicely done Mr. Zoeller. Stay tuned to see what this might mean.


Star Wars Community News & Events

  • Corellian Run Radio’s Weekly Nav Coordinates

9/16 Friday Update: Combat Animation, Community Q&A, and yes – Another Convention! by Mark

9/17 Children of Ideas: Companion Characters and the Self by Noah

9/18 PAX Mega-Bumper & Pics by Kathy

9/19 Guild Checkpoint featuring Divided Allegiance by Jason Taylor

9/20 Celebrities Re-Voice Star Wars for Charity by Kathy

9/20 The Game Rating is in by Jason Taylor

9/20 The Release Window is Still the Release Window by Kathy

9/21 Jedi Kittens Strike Back by Kathy

9/21 Guild Phase 2 is here! by Jason Taylor

9/21 Free Digital Copy of Star Wars Insider Magazine by Kathy

9/22 So That’s Who’s to Blame by Kathy

9/22 Eurogamer 2011, Blair Witch-Style by Kathy


  • Fansite Highlight

 Republic Trooper had a special interview with the writer Charles Boyd for the Trooper Class. This was a really great interview. The folks at Republic Trooper did a great job of asking really good questions and really writing an excellent article. I appreciated the article, since I plan on playing the Trooper Class. It pointed out that Brian Bloom is the voice for the male player character in the Trooper Class. Nice job again to Republic Trooper. Be sure to read the article and check out their fansite.

  • Fan Fiction Moment

 Mandalorian Girl has added another part to her ongoing story. This story is the first as her character leaves the planet Taris. It is an excellent read and this section has a very interesting twist, which has me eager for the next following parts. Here is a brief except from the latest, Dantooine part 1. Go check out her site and subscribe to stay up with the ongoing story.

Aiden chuckled. “Well, I can’t say for certain, but one thing I do know, is that if there are any left, they will be sharing the tale of the lightsaber wielding Mandalorian girl who took down the Blade Vipers, for many years to come.”

  • Star Wars & Gaming in Science

NASA has discovered a planet that has two suns

Hmmm that sounds vaguely familiar to a planet in a galaxy far, far away. Yes folks, Tatooine. Now don’t get your podracers or moisture evaporators ready just yet, the planet is cold, gaseous planet that appears not to support life. It seems we may have to give science and NASA a bit more time to find that galaxy so near and dear to our Star Wars loving hearts.

Online Gamers crack a puzzle to help to possibly solve AIDS problem

“When are you ever going to do something on those games that will actually make a contribution?” I’m sure we all have heard something similar to this during our lives gaming; now we have something to tell folks and prove to them online gamers can make a difference. It seems some online gamers have been able to decipher the structure for the enzyme of a virus like AIDS! This means that scientists can take this information and use it to figure out how it attacks and causes the diseases, as well as possibly figuring out ways to develop ways to block the virus. That’s one for the gaming community.

Seth Cooper, explained why gamers had succeeded where computers had failed. “People have spatial reasoning skills, something computers are not yet good at,” he said.


  • Star Wars Fun in Video

This is a funny video for all of you that are familiar with the A Team. Take the great intro music and style of the TV show, the A Team and combine that with Star Wars, you get a very entertaining video. This is really well edited and the font, the bullet shooting the title all comes together. Great job and shout out to YouTube user, kalleanka71!


  • Star Wars Music Video of the Week

This week’s music video is a combination of some very well edited cinematic footage and a great mix by Extnct of the music by Nero, Innocence. It is different to think of a mix like this for the cinematic footage, but it works amazingly. There is one part where the voice of Malgus is used, and works great. Huge shout out to YouTube user, extinction.


Please submit any links to music videos dealing with Star Wars you would like to see on the HoloNet Links article.


How time flies as it seems we have come to the end of another week’s edition of HoloNet Links. I would love to get your comments, stories, videos or any links dealing with Star Wars you would like us to share with the community. You can place your ideas down in the comments or in the CRR forums, or in the Facebook group, or email them directly to me at, jason@corellianrun.com. Thanks again and see you next time!

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