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Oct 032011

Evènement communautaire français : vidéo et… by Chimaera-SWTOR

French guild Chimaera interviewed Daniel Erickson on a variety of topics ranging from Nar Shaddaa, the Hutts, Huttball, Ilum,and more. Most interestingly, Daniel clarified that there will be more than five companions for each player.

More Daniel Erickson Interview and Comments after the jump.

More than Five Companions
What he had to say about the number of available companions caught our attention, especially in light of the current speculation that we will be limited to five companions at launch. Daniel Erickson said that was a misconception. “In the companions video they say that you have access to all five types of companions. That does not mean that the limit of companions is five….five is definitely not the number nor the limit,” he confirmed at approximately the 13:29 minute mark.

New Species or Class Combos?
When asked about possible new playable species or new class-species combinations, Daniel answered at the 14:05 minute mark, “I think youll probably see one more sort of final run at the species class combinations, and yeah I can’t talk about what that final one is cuz it’s always a debate between the things that work the best for the story in each place divided with things the fans really want to see and you know what’s going to give the most variety.”

Watch full video here. Be warned, you may be interrupted multiiple times by commercial breaks.

  8 Responses to “Daniel Erickson Chimaera Interview: More Than 5 Companions”

  1. Romances also being handled carefully…”If you don’t know about it, we are not going to teach you.”

    That is a good thing for me, since this is a teen game and my nieces and nephews are wanting so bad to play this game. 🙂

    The class specie combo, is this a hint at the Legacy system? Any thoughts or what specie might they add?

  2. That’s interesting, I didn’t take his response as a reference to a legacy system necessarily, I thought he was just hinting that we could see some new species (the interviewer specifically asks about Cyborgs) or just a new combo that hasn’t been revealed yet. Everything he said definitely had the air of a huge MAYBE sign hanging over his head, though.

  3. I wonder what the “five types of companions” are. I can think of tank, healer, dps…anyone have any guesses?

  4. Yes, Daniel Erickson’s “maybes” mean something will be revealed 🙂

    I think the 5 types of companions are:
    ranged tank
    melee tank
    ranged dps
    melee dps
    and healer

  5. Hey guys, I wonder how you manage to understand my questions, given the atrocious French accent I have in this interview…

    Of course, it was Daniel’s intimidating presence 🙂

  6. Haha you won’t catch me making fun of anyone’s accent! I sure wouldn’t have tried to conduct an interview in French, that’s for sure. I do want to know if Daniel did indeed say he was a talking pineapple, though. 😉

    Nice interview!

  7. @GyzenBel You guys got a great interview with Daniel Erickson! The community thanks you guys! 🙂

  8. Wonderful interview! You did a great job! Thank you!

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