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Oct 132011

HoloNet Links #15

This week’s article is coming from our remote outpost. Writing abroad has its disadvantages, but adapt and overcome is how it has to be. This week had its share of news, more beta invites went out on the 11th, and of course New York Comic-Con is happening! Our very own Kathy and Roxanne are there for the festivities, including the Bioware Meet and Greet that was on Wednesday, and they will be there through the rest of the convention.


More Information, Fan Fiction and Fun links after the Jump…

Dev notes

  • Hot tidbits

More invites went out on October the 11th, Allison Berryman gives us more of the details.

AllisonBerryman General Discussion -> Game Testing: official ‘invites have been sent’ thread

Another update!

Sent Oct. 11: General Game Testing Invites

  • Who was invited: Testers from France and Germany
  • What was sent: General Game Testing invites
  • Server locations: EU servers
  • Invite status: All invites in this batch are now sent

Great news for our SWTOR friends across the “pond.” Be sure to check your spam and junk email folders 🙂

StephenReid General Discussion -> Quick Q. early access/firstcome, first served

Quote: Originally Posted by Trobon

First come first served is in reference to who gets into early access first. They are staging it over a matter of days. Whoever puts in a pre-order code will get into early access, but it may not be on the first day of early access.

Trobon pretty much has it spot on.

Everyone who pre-orders the game will get Early Game Access; the amount will vary depending on when you redeem your pre-order code. There are a limited number of pre-orders available.

Despite what others may say (or want to believe), this is absolutely true and necessary for us to have a smooth, managed launch. We cannot allow every single person who pre-orders the game to attempt to login at the same time on Day One. It would be… bad.

Instead, we’re staging access, while planning on allowing a large number of people in at every stage. That means that for most people who pre-ordered early, they’ll be in either right at the start of Early Game Access or very close to it. For those who pre-order now and later, they’ll get access later.

We’re not talking about the specifics of how long Early Game Access will last yet, because that number depends on how many pre-orders we receive and how many people we allow into the game per stage, which itself depends on the results of testing. We’ll have more news on this before Early Game Access begins.

As always, I do urge people to read the Pre-Order FAQ which we spent so much time writing, and which contains answers to many… frequently asked… questions.

There might be some people upset about the “line” that began forming after pre-orders started, but after two months in the game will a few days really matter? Focus on the positive, that being the release date.

  • Georg’s Goodies

This week we introduce a new section dedicated to our favorite Lead Combat Designer, Georg Zoeller.

GeorgZoeller General Discussion -> No Stat Customization? BW, are you crazy?

I can’t comment on this since I don’t understand the language the original thread is in and I’m not comfortable with commenting on an automatic english translation of a french interview with an american developer.

Clearly, based on the reactions I’m reading in this thread, something terrible must have happened. Let’s all panic and run to the door!

Alternatively, once I manage to find Daniel, which may take a few days since it’s weekend and he might also be in NY, I’ll try to clarify and understand what this is about. If you manage to find Daniel before me, maybe he’ll clarify for you. 🙂

Short: Georg thinks in all likelyhood this is a typical storm in a teacup. Those are cool, but not entirely productive.

GeorgZoeller General Discussion -> No Stat Customization? BW, are you crazy?

Quote: Originally Posted by brillobreaks

The dev’s commenting system is broken. They often comment and the comment doesn’t show up publicly for days. That said, he’s wrong. There is no tempest in a teacup, we know the modification system was changed and the article is not mistranslated.

Wait, you mean what I see in front of me on the most current authoritative game build in the office is not what it seems to be?

Think what you see outside the office is the most current Modification System? Nope.

GeorgZoeller Bounty Hunter -> BW promoting BH as a newbie class? BACKPEDALING

Quote: Originally Posted by MorgonKara

It is actual gameplay.

Yupp. Jedi Knights can in fact leap 30 meters.

Georg keeps it simple. I think the “leap” is great, but the other classes have their counters. I just know flamethrowers and cryo grenades might have them, “look before they leap.”

GeorgZoeller General Discussion -> Companion Customization

Quote: Originally Posted by Sunglare

So I was wondering earlier. Now that we all know you can customize your companions looks how will that work? Lets take Bounty Hunter/Mako for example. When the Bounty hunter first meets Mako will she have the default appearance and you can change it afterwards (this would seem silly to me)? Or right before meeting a companion for the first time will a customization screen pop up so we can generate their looks before we begin interacting with them?

The first is a major immersion breaker and the latter is a big spoiler/ suspension breaker.

How do you guys think Bioware is handling the introduction of Companion?

It’s fairly simple.

At the same quest step where you get your companion, you get to chose from several alternate appearance options. These are ‘customization kits’ that can be equipped on your companion’s character sheet.

Since you meet most of the companions earlier in the story, you already know their default appearance, so there’s no sense in ‘hiding’ that you’re changing something here. Think of it like a forced reconstructive surgery on your companion 🙂

I do see how this can be a bit immersion breaking, but after the initial meeting, the companion is yours to mold how you see fit, and in my opinion making the story even more immersive. How many games let your change the looks of your companions, as in facial features and such?

Star Wars Community News & Events

  • Corellian Run Radio’s Weekly Nav Coordinates

Haven’t had time to get caught up with everything going on the past week, work been hectic, enjoying some Fall foliage or maybe feeling a “little under the weather” and missed all of the great stories here at Corellian Run Radio…fear not we have them all a click away.

 10/07 Lightsabers on Trains by Kathy

10/07 Friday Update: Lightsabers and Flamethrowers and Companions, Oh My! by Mark

10/07 SWTOR at New York Comic Con Oct 13-16 by Kathy

10/10 Guild Checkpoint featuring Knights Who Say Ni by Jason Taylor

10/10 Episode 34: A Long, Long Time Ago…They Announced SWTOR – podcast

  • Fan Fiction

This week we check back in on Dimbo the Trooper. The latest addiction is out now. Below we will have a small sample. If you have not started reading this fan fiction, I strongly urge you to take a moment and head over to the site and get caught up.

“Zotta, why do you keep calling me that?”

“Because Leftenant, that’s what it says right there on your sleeve, ‘Leftenant’,” he smiled and walked away.

“Are you kriffing kidding me?!?” It did say ‘Leftenant’. Did the Republic have some imperial putting ranks on armor these days?”

  • Star Wars Music Video

While traveling and still getting over a fight with “bug,” I decided to take it easy and just play my mp3 player with one of my audio books “Deceived, by Paul Kemp. It happens this video can across my eye and I think is really unique. It goes back over the original “Deceived” trailer and adds some neat video effects along with an interesting dubstep mix. Shout out, to the video’s creator, lodikr! Enjoy and please send me your favorite Star Wars music videos.



That’s all this week from the HoloNet Links at Corellian Run Radio, for your traveling reporter signing off. All the best to Kathy and Roxanne during the New York Comic-con!

If you have an interesting, funny, or thought provoking Star Wars Old Republic link, please let me know via email at jason@corellianrun.com, join the CRR forums, or in the Facebook group. See you next week!

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