Oct 202011

The embargo has officially been lifted! For some time now, various representatives of the gaming press have been playing Star Wars: The Old Republic. Today they are allowed to give their general impressions of early-level gameplay. Keep an eye on this space to see the whos, the whats, and the wheres.

Sites to check:

1up: “SWTOR is WoW with Lightsabers and It’s Amazing”

ars technica: General overview of Jedi Knight

More Press Hands-On and Comments after the jump…

Buffed (German)


Gamer (Netherlands)

GamersGlobal (German)

Gameswelt (German)

Separate articles on Combat, Companions, Dark/Light, Flashpoints, Impressions, PvP, Story, Trooper, Worlds.

MMOGamer (Spain)

Jedi Consular (jaded ex-SWG player actually enjoys SWTOR), Jedi Knight (expectations exceeded),  Smuggler (story fan feels vidicated), Editorial (NDAs, Canon, Red Zones), Full Beta Preview (Trooper + assault cannon = total devastation, Dark/Light, Huttball).

Jef Reahard (“I have really high standards and I’m super well-read so it’s pretty much impossible to satisfy me.”) and Larry Everett (“Consular bored me, Smuggler so amazing I played against my will.”) give hands-on gameplay impressions

Ninja Looter (German)

RPGFan: SWTOR reviewed through the lens of its predecessors (KOTOR, WoW).

Rock, Paper, Shotgun
Part 1: Jedi Knight (story does make a difference), Part 2: Smuggler

Ten Ton Hammer: Jedi Knight overview, with nice descriptions of abilities.


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