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Oct 272011

HoloNet Links #17

image by JediSeeker1

Here I am looking out on a overcast Fall day and feeling a bit down, but then I remind my self that in less than two months I will be playing Star Wars: The Old Republic and a gleam of sunshine feels me inside. How has the past week been treating you, been busy with Fall chores etc.? There has been plenty of things here at CRR to discuss. We have had another great podcast, several articles from the funny to more serious regarding reviews of SWTOR since the news embargo has been lifted. If you have missed anything let’s get you all caught up and even show a few new things as we plot our course in the Nav Computer to make the Jump.


More of this Week’s Links after the Jump…

Dev notes

  • Hot tidbits

AllisonBerryman General Discussion -> Beta testing confusion

It seems there may be some confusion here about the difference between Early Game Access and the Game Testing Program.

Early Game Access is granted to those who Pre-Order the game and redeem their Pre-Order Code on our website. It is early access to the game servers before the official launch, and isn’t a part of testing. To learn more about Early Game Access, see our Pre-Order FAQ: http://www.swtor.com/preorder/faq#q209656.

For the Game Testing Program, we randomly select testers from the list of people who are signed up on SWTOR.com and have opted-in to test. This gives you access to the testing servers, sometimes for a limited time, and is not the same as Early Game Access.


DavidBass Guild Hall -> Guild Testing Program Details

I’ve updated the original post with the following:

Quote: Are European guilds eligible for Guild Testing?  Yes, guilds are eligible for Guild Testing regardless of their chosen region in the Guild Headquarters.

This has actually been true for quite some time now, as we’ve been inviting EU guilds over the past few months. Apologies that the post was not updated sooner.


AllisonBerryman General Discussion -> NDA acceptance

In order to be selected for testing, you have to opt-in and agree to the Game Testing Agreement. Pre-ordering the game, however, does not require agreeing to the Game Testing Agreement – the agreement only binds testers and those who have opted-in to be selected for testing.

It is not necessary to agree to the Game Testing Agreement to participate on the forums, but the Rules of Conduct (which everyone must adhere to) do state that “Posting, linking, quoting, reproducing, or discussing confidential information from the game testing program is prohibited on the forums.” Even if you did not agree to the Game Testing Agreement (meaning you didn’t opt-in to be selected for testing), the discussion of confidential information is not permitted on the forums. Hopefully that clears up any misunderstanding!


Just because you didn’t sign up for testing, you are still required not to pass along or discuss leaks, information or links that goes against the NDA. Let’s use a little common sense and don’t do something that could get you banned from the forums or even testing.


  • Georg’s Goodies

This week Georg has been pretty quiet, but he did have one interesting post that might be of some interest to you future Jedi Consulars.


GeorgZoeller Jedi Consular -> Force Pull

Sages also get access to ‘Rescue’, a friendly pull with accompanying threat reduction. Not just useful for pulling out your friend when they get themselves into too much trouble, also quite nice for quick vertical plays in Huttball.


Star Wars Community News & Events

  • Corellian Run Radio’s Weekly Nav Coordinates

Have you been getting your costume ready or maybe doing a bit of trick-or-treating early… Well if you missed anything don’t worry a bit, Corellian Run Radio has you covered! Just below we have all the top stories just a click away.

10/21 Fan Friday, EuroGamer Update, and Collector’s Edition Overview by Carla

10/21 Vote on Next Star Wars Action Figure by Kathy

10/22 Mists of Pandaria: Totally Awesome or Shark Jumping Time? by Kathy

10/22 This Explains So Much… by Kathy

10/23 Stormtrooper Mask from Milk Jug by Kathy

10/24 Tender Father-Son Stormtrooper Moments by Kathy

10/24 Guild Checkpoint featuring White Lotus by Jason Taylor

10/25 SWTOR Overview From Game Informer by Kathy

10/25 Episode 35: Back from NYCC – podcast

10/26 Star Wars Toys Create Dramatic Scenes by Kathy

10/26 Star Wars Music Video Challenge by Kathy

10/27 Jedi Church Parody by Kathy


  • Fan Fiction

Mandalorian Girl has already added another new part to her ongoing story, Dantooine part 5. Yes, I have recommended this fan fiction before, but this story is really well done and I do hope you all take a moment to check it out. I’m sure many of you will start following her site. Here is a small snippet from the new part.


“Dangers? Great! There goes our leisurely exploration.” He shook his head. “I don’t believe that either of you are happy unless you are battling something. Why are we always seeking out the dangerous stuff?”

 I laughed. “A little confrontation is good for the soul, good for growth; it is the Mando way of life.”

Dak turned to Aiden, “And what about you? Aren’t Jedi suppose to be peaceful?”


  • Facebook Image of the Week

This week’s image takes us back to the aftermath of the sacking of Coruscant and destruction of the Jedi Temple. Here we see the ruins of the Jedi Archives. What secrets are buried here and what if anything did the Sith Empire take?


  • Star Wars Music Video

This week we have another fan created Star Wars music video, but I just want to remind some of you about an article that Kathy wrote this past week. There is a contest going on for fans to create a Star Wars Music Video. That sounds right up the alley of some of our very creative followers. So if you have an idea of a great Star Wars themed music video, here is your chance to enter and win!


Enjoy this week’s music video and please send me your favorite Star Wars music videos. Nice job and shout to DocPicklez. This video is a nice combination of cinematic trailers and gameplay footage, and all set to the music “Help is on the Way” by Rise Against.


Another week’s HoloNet Links at Corellian Run Radio have come and gone. Enjoy the reminding week and if you have an interesting, funny, or thought provoking Star Wars Old Republic link, please let me know via email at jason@corellianrun.com, join the CRR forums, or in the Facebook group. See you next week!

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