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Oct 312011

We are pleased to announce that Corellian Run Radio has been invited to the second SWTOR Fan Site Summit, November 6-8 at BioWare Studios in Austin, TX. We don’t have a lot of details yet, but we do expect to get a chance to chat with some of the developers and perhaps get some hands-on time with the game. At this point, we aren’t expecting any huge reveals or surprises, but we will do our best to squeeze every last drop of information.

More Fan Site Summit II and Comments (list your questions!) after the jump.

Kathy and Roxanne will be your CRR representatives this time around. Earlier this year, Kathy and Carla attended the first Fan Site Summit. For a blast from the past experience, check out our articles and interviews from our April Fan Site Summit coverage:

Post-Summit Interview with Stephen Reid and David Bass
Video: CRR Interview with Georg Zoeller
Fansite Summit Recap 1: The Gang’s All Here
Fansite Summit Recap 2: Studio Tour, Dev Q&As
Fansite Summit Recap 3: Writers Q&A, Georg Zoeller Interview
Fansite Summit Recap 4: Black Talon, Dave & Buster’s, MER
Gabe Amatangelo Introduces Us to PvP
Kathy’s Bounty Hunter & Smuggler Hands-OnCarla’s Imperial Agent Hands-On
Carla’s Imperial Agent Hands-On
Writers Q&A
Audio: Q&A with Damion Schubert and His Eyebrows
Audio: Daniel Erickson & Blaine Christine Q&A

If you have any questions you’d like us to ask at the Summit, please add them to the Comments below.

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  12 Responses to “Fan Site Summit II, Nov 6-8”

  1. Very cool, can’t wait to hear about it… Just found your show, and I am enjoying it immensely!

  2. Was wondering will Bioware will have gametime cards available to purchase at local stores , for those who don’t want to use their debit cards as payment option .

  3. @Ragorik Thanks! Glad you found us. 🙂

  4. yeah so i’m like totally jealous now. To get a sneaky a look at how bioware work behind the scenes would be amazing.

    Should be great at the summit have a awesome time. 🙂

  5. Thanks Dreddon. I hope we will see your artwork hanging in the halls of BioWare someday!

  6. Congrats on the re-invite, although it was expected of course! Sneak a peak at the Wall of Crazy for us 😉


    Thanks, Ajay. We felt very honored to be re-invited.

  8. If you could ask if the Imperial Agent concealment operative is able to equip and use different knives found throughout the game or if they can only use the one they start with, that would be awesome. Also congratulations being invited again and I hope you guys have a great time. =)

  9. Update on cantina games like pazaak or dejarik (there are dejarik tables confirmed in game at least)

    Also, might not be answered but . . .

    Are their plans in place to make the tunnel shooter in TOR a smartphone/iPad app available while away from the computer?

    Also, I hope you have fun at the event. I know they might not answer the question, but it’s been burning in my gut for a while now. It’s a reasonable explanation as to why they went this route for space combat, and a lot of things point that way. I just want to hear if it’s true or not.

  10. How you would you respond to the Anaylst at E3( This Year) that he said swtor is a wow clone and how would you say to this person with a official response from the Devs that are working on Swtor ?

  11. @AmoreMorte Honestly, there are two ways to take that comment. On the one hand, being a clone of a game like WoW, with around 11 million subscribers is not that terrible. However on the other hand, if they mean is it exactly like playing WoW, I would say, and I have yet to play it yet, that SWTOR is already bringing more to the “table” at release than WoW did. The one area that stands out for me is a completely voiced game, a first in MMO. I also think the story aspect is going to be more refreshing than people realize.

    Now saying all that, I am sure the ladies can give you an even better reply. They have all played it some at the conventions and nothing but great things to say…well nothing is perfect, but I know they are looking forward to playing the game as much as the rest of us are! 🙂

  12. I think AmoreMorte was asking that as a question that we should ask at the summit, if given the chance hehe.

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