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Nov 072011

Highlighted Guild

  • Echo Seven – Galactic Republic Guild

This week’s Guild Checkpoint we look at the Republic guild Echo Seven. This guild is based in the UK and has been active in many different games over the years. Mike, one of the guild’s members, joins us in the Q&A section. He helps us understand more about this Star Wars: The Old Republic guild.

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  • Guild Q&A

How did Echo Seven get its start as a guild? What games did the guild play previously? Can you explain for our readers, who may not know, where the name Echo Seven came from?

Back in 1999 we started out as a Counter-Strike Clan called “CS Club 7” (A nod to the greatest ever UK pop band). But it was when we moved on to Return to Castle Wolfenstein playing as “All Guns Blazing” we met a lot of players from the community that we would eventually form the guild “Echo Seven” with, for Star Wars Galaxies playing on the EU server Chimaera. From there we naturally progressed to World of Warcraft with a name change to “Affliction”. We stopped playing WoW as a guild at the start of Cataclysm, since then we have been forum warriors on our guild site and also playing games like League of Legends and more recently Battlefield 3. The name Echo Seven comes from Han Solo’s Tauntaun patrol’s call-sign on Hoth.


Your guild has been together a long time and experiences with various games, how do you feel this will benefit the Echo Seven in Star Wars: the Old Republic?

As most of our guild has been gaming together for years, we know each other’s playstyles, what we are capable of and each have the same passion to do well in whatever game we play. We played WoW for 7 ish years so I’m sure a lot of that experience will transfer directly to SWTOR. We’ve been fortunate to be among the first guild’s to take down Ragnaros in vanilla WoW and have always had a strong passion for PvP so the aspiration to make similar accomplishments will be present in SWTOR. Also our newer members recruited for SWTOR have also been joining Teamspeak and getting involved in gaming with us, which has made the lines between veteran members and new members very much blurred, so we look forward to going into SWTOR having a solid team.


Recently, Bioware has announced that there will be a single release date, being a UK/European guild how did this make Echo Seven feel?

Although it wasn’t a huge shift from the original announcement, I think we all appreciated alignment with the US. I think many in the guild (and the EU, really) feel that Bioware has slightly neglected the EU as a community and the release date announcement taking place at the Eurogamer Expo in the UK and also aligning the release dates are the first small steps in restoring heart to folks in the EU. Ultimately, people who are passionate about SWTOR will have pre-ordered and will be getting early access anyway and we’d all hope that the early access is more than a couple of days so I’m not sure this release date alignment really mattered in the end? But it does guarantee a few extra days play before Christmas!


What faction and server does Echo Seven plan on playing?

Continuing our legacy from Star Wars Galaxies where we played as Rebels, we chose the Galactic Republic and most definitely on a PvP server; being the underdogs appeals to us, it’s not the size of the dog in the fight, but the size of the fight in the dog! We do plan on competitive end game raiding also, both PvP and PvE are important to us.

How Echo Seven is preparing for Guild Phase 3 and is this, Guild Phase 3, really starting to get it set in everyone’s mind that the release of this game is coming soon?

We’re ready for deployment to an EU PvP server. If we get dumped on a poor server we will re roll on another, but I don’t think Bioware are going to release a server list prior to launch, so the deployment phase is our best bet of a good server. Most of us have been waiting for SWTOR for years, I guess with this phase it does make it all seem a bit more real in terms of an imminent release!


Seeing that your guild is planning to be on a PVP server, which style of PVP is the guild looking forward to the most…Huttball, Warzones, Open World PVP or PVP server wide?

All of it! Personally I’m looking forward to what Ilum has to offer, but from recent play tests at GAMEfest in Birmingham I know a lot of the guys here love Huttball. We will be trying to organize a fun dueling tournament, if it works, on whatever server we land on, which we hope will have some decent PvP contenders to challenge us.


Echo Seven has well defined form of leadership, could you explain the organization and why the guild decided to go with this type of hierarchy?

Every good guild needs leadership or it becomes a mess. We don’t go over the top military style but have a defined system purely to keep the guild well organized. The officers as well as the leader keep the guild running day to day, organizing events and keeping the guild active and at the forefront of PvP and PvE. I suppose I’ve created an atmosphere here where I’m a friend first, boss second and probably an entertainer third.


Along the lines of hierarchy, how do the ranks of members change and what are these specific ranks?

We decided to roughly stick to ranks from WoW, we have a Guild Leader, Officers, Veterans, Members, Casuals and Initiates. Over the years officers have stepped down due to time constraints and then new officers are appointed based on a number of factors including activity, leadership that kind of thing. We try to keep things fresh though as to not develop cliques within the guild, which to a new member, can be daunting as we have been a tight knit bunch for a long time. Current officers have known each other years so we can be frank with each other without burning any bridges.


Does Echo Seven have requirements for its members? If so what are they?

Nothing really tangible but our main requirement is age, we only take in members over 21, we want to keep it a mature guild and at the same time protect the kiddies from our Teamspeak. Other requirements would be activity, getting along with people and joining in wherever possible.


Your guild like many uses a voice chat system to communicate in game, does the guild think SWTOR, being a completely voiced gamed, might lead to making adjustments in guild voice chat?

I don’t think there should be need for many adjustments, if any – being able to hear the plot shouldn’t be an issue as we’re all mature enough to hush when something valuable is being said by the NPCs, and there’s plenty of options in terms of volume control to get things your personal tastes purely from a technical point of view. I can’t see there being much voice acting in PvP and by the time we’ve heard it in operations/flashpoints once, my guess is it will be skipped.


Echo Seven believes in the common sense approach to loot distribution. I personally like this type of system. Does the guild think loot containers, said to be found on certain drops in Flashpoints, change Echo Seven’s view on how loot will be handled?

We plan on using a “Loot Council” for drops, we used this method in WoW along with DKP etc and found it to benefit the guild and individuals more than DKP. I don’t think there is a perfect system though, but common sense should always prevail. The loot containers may change this if it’s included in Operations. Not so important to us in Flashpoints as we wouldn’t use a system there. But if containers are dropped for everyone that takes away the need for a loot system, I don’t mind that.


In the guild’s FAQ, it talks about serving a trial with the guild to learn more about loot distribution. Can you explain to our readers what exactly a trial is and possibly more about the loot process?

The trial is essentially our time (after having reviewed and accepted an application) to bring an applicant in to the fold, get them on comms and get to know them better whilst playing with the rest of the guild on games like Battlefield 3, or League of Legends (until SWTOR comes these help pass the time). Our goal when it comes to loot is to make sure that we gear up the guild as a whole fairly, to ensure we’ve got the best chance of moving forward in the content. We want to avoid situations where people get left behind, or there’s 1 person who is pimped out, as in the end that’s not going to be optimal for people enjoying the game or the guilds progression. There are no hard and fast rules, it’s just common sense and putting trust in the leadership team we have.


Is Echo Seven currently recruiting and if so what classes are needed?

For now, we think we’ve got the right balance and we don’t want risk having many people disappointed with they’re not being enough raid teams/slots come game release. Once the game’s out and things are settled, we’ll review this and recruit as necessary. That being said, if you’re only looking to play casually and don’t mind missing out on the core guild raids, then we might consider some additional applicants.


If someone wishes to join the ranks of Echo Seven, what steps do they need to take and who do they need to contact?

On the left hand side of the Echo Seven website we’ve got a recruitment section which shows whether or not we’re recruiting for the different roles in the guild. If you think you can help us fill those gaps, then you can click ‘apply here’. This will take you to the application form and give you a link to the recruitment FAQ. If you want you can also check out the SWTOR guild page. It shows the Allies and Adversaries of Echo Seven.


That’s it for another Guild Checkpoint. I want to thank Mike for contacting me and also being instrumental in taking the questions to the guild and returning the information, so we can bring it to you here. Thanks and best wishes to all the members of Echo Seven. I would like to also mention Echo Seven does have a guild YouTube channel. There are a few videos from their adventures in WoW, but they plan on having several SWTOR videos, as soon as the game releases and they get a chance to record 🙂 Please be sure to take a moment and check them out.

Is your guild ready for the deployment part of Guild Phase 3? Are you needing to bolster your ranks before the game is released? If so remember, you can have your guild highlighted on Corellian Run Radio’s Guild Checkpoint. All you need to do is submit your guild’s name and website in an email to me at jason@corellianrun.com. Till next week…May the Force be with You!

  2 Responses to “Guild Checkpoint”

  1. Thanks very much for the feature Jason and the team!

  2. @Mike Thanks for the comment! I appreciate the compliment, but you are the man that helped make it all possible! Huge thanks to you and all of Echo Seven 🙂

    I did get the email. It is being updated 😉

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