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Nov 142011

Highlighted Guild

  • Redeemed – Galactic Republic Guild

It was two weeks ago we met the Republic guild Condemned, and this week we find “redemption”, in the form of the Republic guild Redeemed. We get a chance to find out about this family-friendly PVE guild, that enjoys to role-play. How does the guild go about maintaining this mature guild environment and still focus on achieving PVE goals in operations, flashpoints, while most importantly having fun?  Calik is gracious enough to take time and answer a few questions and let us know more about the guild Redeemed.

More about Redeemed from Calik in Q&A after the Jump…


Before we get into the Q&A let’s look at this recruitment video by Redeemed. It is a short, but very well put together video. Be sure to look for the secret to MMO success at the end of the video. I know it is something I always have with me when gaming or writing.


  • Guild Q&A

How did Redeemed get its start?

Redeemed was formed under another name back in 2006 on the Steamwheedle Cartel in WoW. Over the years some of the faces have changed and the guild went into hiatus on a couple of occasions.

With the excitement of SWTOR on the horizon it was decided it was time to get the band back together. We registered our guild on the official guild HQ August 22. Initially it started with just a few of us, but our charter and values have struck a nerve with many players out there and we have grown to a family of awesome people.


What games has Redeemed played as a guild?

  • Lineage II:  2005 to 2006.
  • World of Warcraft: 2006-2009 Alliance
  • Lord of the Rings Online: started around 2008


Redeemed is listed as an RP guild. How much of a focus is role-play in the guild?

Redeemed is a PVE guild that RPs as compared to being an RP Guild. The difference for us is that we look just like any average guild with an emphasis on PVE but we also have many members who enjoy the role playing aspect of the MMO genre. Some struggle with wanting to role play and raid or level in teams. We want to give that person the ability to choose to do one or the other or both, all within the same guild home.

Our biggest goal is to make our guild about the “player” and not the characters we play. With that said we try to give them the tools they need to enjoy the game without having to split themselves in multiple directions.

We are fortunate to have talented people who are world class raiders and talented people who can lead an awesome world RP event that rivals anything you have seen. It is truly the best of both worlds.

One challenge we have is in helping to bring both player styles together. Educating each play style to the other and seeing, for example, a raider suddenly finding joy in participating in their character’s story, or a role player get excited about finally overcoming the odds to down that stubborn boss in an operation, is what it’s all about. It is times like these that an online community of friends grows closer.

A common question we get is why we did not choose to roll on a PVE server and just role play there. The short answer is that in our experience you tend to find a more mature server population on an RP server. It simply matches with our style and ideals more.


Some RP guilds have a backstory they use and play out within the game. Does Redeemed go this route, along the lines of role-play?

Redeemed does not have a rigid backstory that is forced on anyone. Those who choose to role play within our community are free to develop their character’s story without feeling tied to yet another over-arching story.

We do however have a loose story that our members may choose to tie into if they wish. We are based around the concept of “redemption”, an important theme in Star Wars lore especially during the time of the Old Republic.


We know that Redeemed is an RP guild. Can you tell us which faction the guild will be playing and why?

Redeemed is a Republic only guild. We do not discourage our members from trying out both “teams” so to speak, but we have chosen to remain Republic only. This is in part a preference of the GM but also it simplifies guild activities. We are a smaller guild that aims to be a close-knit family.

By restricting the guild to Republic only we are able to give our guild members a more personalized guild experience and we believe this will reflect in the quality of the game play.


Redeemed works at being a “casual to hardcore family-friendly guild.” Is this difficult to accomplish?

I do not believe so. Redeemed caters to and is specifically made for a more mature style of gamer. As we know gamers range between casual and hardcore and some gamers fluctuate between the two. We understand that gaming is not a lifestyle for some members, but simply a part of their lives and we strive to be accommodating to them. This in part is what being family friendly is about.

Redeemed is at its core a guild that focuses on respecting your fellow guild member and it is the common bond of maturity and acceptance that allows different playing styles, and different people to coexist.


Redeemed prides itself on being a fun, friendly guild and every member is an ambassador.

What are some ways the guild helps to keep this family-friendly atmosphere?

The simple answer to this question is that we ask every member to conduct themselves with maturity and respect. We make no restrictions based on gender, ethnicity or beliefs and no derogatory behavior towards a guild member or non-guild member is acceptable.

Redeemed prides itself on being a fun, friendly guild and every member is an ambassador. Therefore, guild members are expected to keep this in mind when interacting with each other and other game players.


Along those lines, I commend Redeemed on having a well -and specific code of conduct. Is the code of conduct something Redeemed has always had or something that was implemented later?

The code was there from inception; however we do strive to constantly evaluate ourselves that that we may provide the best environment possible for our members.


Respect seems to be another theme in your guild. Is this hard to get your fellow guild members to follow?

Every potential member and current member is aware of our policies and modus operandi when they join. As well, the goals and values of the guild are usually the drawing point for these members.

While we have many different people with different backgrounds, ideas, worries and even grievances, respect has not been an issue.


Every guild handles loot distribution in its own way. How does Redeemed handle loot distribution between its members?

We operate under a “need before greed” system. This means, as a guild in general we will try our best to make sure that people will get upgrades that they need. We have not solidified yet on the exact make up of our raiding program, if it will be raid teams or general sign up. However, as a whole we do not use DKP. If the need arises a Loot Council or Suicide Kings loot system will be in place to help ensure that people will be successful.


There are some requirements that potential recruits must meet to before being considered. What are they and how did these come about being implemented?

  • Over 20 years of age.
    • We have a minimum age set to help reflect the “Life Experience” level of our average guild member. Redeemed has many couples with children and members in their 30’s to mid 40’s and above.
    • Maturity and “Life Experience” cannot be necessarily measured with an arbitrary number, however it does give us a baseline to start from.
    • Redeemed does allow for younger than 20 to participate with the guild. If a family member of a current member wishes to join then we will make arrangements to make sure it is a fit for both the guild and that person.
  • Required to register on our site.
    • Since we are a strongly community based guild we ask that our members be a part of the community. Registering on our forums and Google+ helps us keep in touch with one another and pass along information easily.
  • Required to read and agree to our guild charter.


Once someone meets the above requirements, what steps do they need to take to apply and possibly become a member of the guild Redeemed?

During the pre-launch program that Bioware has put in place for all guilds a potential member must first apply on the guild’s SWTOR site. This helps the possible new members get an invite into the guild on day one of their adventure.

Next they proceed to the Redeemed website and (after reviewing our charter) they will fill out a recruitment application.

An officer will contact them when they are accepted or if any further information is required. It’s as simple as that!



Thanks so much to Calik for all his time and efforts in getting all this wonderful information to us. Thanks also to the members of Redeemed for allowing us to learn more about this family-friendly guild. It is good to know that while we all want to be the best when the game goes live…bottom it is a game, make sure we are having fun! See you all next week.

Remember, if you would like to have your guild to be highlighted on CRR, please submit your guild’s name and website in an email to me at jason@corellianrun.com.

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