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Nov 212011

Highlighted Guild

  • Genesis – Sith Empire Guild

This week we welcome Genesis to Guild Checkpoint. Why they chose the Sith faction exactly? We will also look at their guild events, both for in-game leading up to and after launch, as well as some more social events. How will they help the guild? We will find out. Let’s meet one of their guild officers, FreakShow, as he joins us in the Q&A section to help us remove the “NDA” on the guild Genesis.

More about the Sith guild Genesis after the Jump…

  • Guild Q&A

FreakShow, please tell us a little bit about yourself and what is your position in the guild? What class do you plan to play at launch, in Star Wars: The Old Republic?

Well, my name is FreakShow, and I have quite an extensive background in gaming, and the MMO genre. The first really big MMO I played was WoW, which is not necessarily a surprised considering how many others started with WoW. I then gazed my sights upon many free-to-play, old, as well as unknown MMOs just to broaden my horizon and not keep me in tunnel vision. I realized the genre itself was pretty massive, and not just centered around the groundwork that WoW laid out. I am the Marketing & Communications Officer Assistant in Genesis. When SWTOR launches my main class will be the Sith Inquisitor, with the Advanced Class of Sorcerer.

Tell us how Genesis got its start as a guild?

Genesis got its start from Savior, our leader. As he has explained, he always seemed to have issues with his guild leadership in the past, and decided to lead one on his own in The Old Republic. His love for Star Wars pulled him, and 4 other members, away from WoW and into ToR. When the guild was created, he had thought not much of it considering it to be a small guild capping out at 30 members but then it expanded far beyond what he ever imagined. He accredits it to having great members, as well as a strong officer core.

What games has Genesis played as a guild?

As a community (including both of our adversaries) we play Battlefield 3, Team Fortress 2, and Jedi Academy on a weekly, sometimes daily, basis. These help with getting to know people of your guild, as well as our adversaries.

How did Genesis first find out about Star Wars: The Old Republic?

Genesis was formed during the Old Republic, using the Guild HQ system. The guild leader, Savior, had been following the game since the TOR forums opened up in 2008. I know I personally found out about Star Wars: The Old Republic while I was on the Bioware site a while ago, and noticed the game’s name listed. I went through and read up on everything I could, and that immediately appealed to me… an MMO with Star Wars? Fantastic! We also agreed that Lightsabers + MMO = awesome.

What about SWTOR appealed to the guild and had you all ready to get together and decide this was going to be the next game for the guild?

Since the guild originated with the Guild HQ system, it was formed by members who shared both their love for Star Wars and The Old Republic. Many of us have followed every Bioware game as well and we knew without a doubt that The Old Republic was going to be a major success.

What led Genesis to choose the Sith Empire as the guild’s faction?

We really enjoyed the dark side background of TOR. The true Sith Empire has remained a mystery since The Great War ended over 1300 years ago.  We can’t wait to see what truths we uncover about them and their emperor as we play the game. We also require our members to sign the Code of the Sith when they join the guild.

Does Genesis have any Allies and/or Adversaries through the pre-launch guild program in phase 2?

We currently have two Adversaries set up, and are looking for at least one Ally. Our two Adversaries are The First Order and Triple Zero. All three of us have been in communication since the day we joined forces, and have done quite a lot together as a giant community. It is interesting to think that they will be our sworn enemies in just a few more weeks.

The guild has some very well defined rules on conduct. How does the guild maintain such a high level of respect and maturity within Genesis, while still providing an atmosphere for fun?

The atmosphere is maintained by all of the officers and captains we have set up. People understand the rules and abide by them. As long as everyone follows the rules as they are written, we can all converse in a fun and manageable manner. The problem erupts when someone gets out of line.

We have mechanisms involved designed to mitigate any misconduct (such as restricting the selection process to only members over the age of 18, et cetera). As long as we can keep a clean and mature environment, we encourage members to have a relaxed attitude.  All work and no play makes for a terrible day.

Your website has an event calendar, like some other guilds I have seen, but can you explain exactly what the class meetings are, as in game character class?

Well, our class meetings are usually bi-weekly, or longer/shorter depending on how much information is out there on the specific class. Every day we are growing in number and therefore the classes themselves are gaining more members. We do the meetings so that everyone can get to know their fellow Agents, Warriors, Inquisitors, and Bounty Hunters. Each meeting will cover any new ground, and overview all the other known information, and then open up the floor for questions from everyone who has attended. Depending on how much information is out will usually direct the length of each meeting. The meetings also cover what strategies we can build from this common knowledge to create the best of a specific portion of a class (e.g. specs).

How does the guild plan to use these class meetings after game launch?

Once the game is launched we will have far more info than we already do, and we will be creating our own strategies. As we already have built a strong foundation for what each class will be doing prior to launch, this information changes constantly; new builds come out, improved itemization comes out, and different skill orders come out. Strategies for the “best” of any class can change on a day-to-day basis, and these meetings will help new members carry out specific functions of the class they want to pursue and then if other people have suggestions, it will be open floor after a certain point.

What some ways the guild would like members to stay active?

We expect not all members will be as active as we hope, but it is not a necessity for them to be on all the time. With regards to pre-launch, we understand that there is not much appeal, as the game isn’t out. However we do have tons of inter-guild activities such as “Trivia Nights”, contests, “Meet and Greets”, that we hope to have as many members partake as possible. Mostly every night, regardless if we have anything planned, there are always a large number of us that are on and able to talk about anything in our lives, whether TOR related or just real life.

With respect to post-launch we will have a higher standard for members who want to be the “raiders” or “PVPers” of the guild, considering they are in that particular role. However we do not expect a strict schedule that would essentially turn the guild into a second job.  Genesis is a casual/medium end game guild, so we are going to clear content and do things at a slower pace than some of the more competitive guilds, but it will be that much more enjoyable because of it.

In order to join Genesis, what steps do any potential recruits need to do?

Since we are a casual guild, we essentially keep the doors open to all potential members.  However that does not mean we will accept anyone who applies. We look for the same care and consideration in writing applications that we see in the members who helped build this guild to be where it is today.  Once accepted new recruits are required to sign the Code of Conduct, Code of the Sith, and Rank Breakdown in the new members section. This includes even members of our adversaries which we hold to the same standard, even if they are just putting “alts” on the Empire side.

Speaking of recruitment, here is a recruiting video produced by Genesis. Please note the websites at the end of the video are not all correct. If you wish to visit their site to submit an application or just see what they offer, check out the Genesis website here. There are several other links to follow their guild listed on the main page, located on the bottom left column. Now time to enjoy their video.

Are there any specific classes that you are looking for more than others leading up to launch?

I will say that we are smaller in Imperial Agents than we are in any other class. Especially considering a majority of the Agents we have signed up on the SWTOR website haven’t registered on our guild site.

Where can they find more information about your guild and also apply to your guild?

We do have a website here, where they can find all the information they need about the guild. In regards to the Enjin website, if they wish to apply, they will need to make an Enjin account and submit an application! We do ask that potential applicants also apply to the Guild HQ site on the SWTOR website.

Thanks to FreakShow and everyone at the guild Genesis, for being this week’s highlighted guild. I would encourage any would be Sith, to give this guild a look. If you would like to have your guild featured here at Corellian Run Radio, please submit your guild’s name and website in an email to me at jason@corellianrun.com. Wishing safe travels to everyone going to visit family for Thanksgiving. See you all next week!

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