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Nov 222011

Photo-receptor Focus on:  Empire or Republic?
by Maer  

Welcome back!  Today let’s chat about which side we’re going to play and why.  I’ll start.

Being the good person I am IRL, I’m naturally going to play Empire characters in SWTOR at the start.  The chance to do the things I don’t get to do in real life is way too tempting.  Cheerfully kill someone just because I can?  Check.  Make choices that hurt others as I laugh with diabolical glee?  Check.  Stride through halls with elegant arrogance and look good doing it?  Check.  (I think I’ve seen some halls in the vids through which I can arrogantly stride anyway.)

More My Two Credits and Comments after the jump.

The real reason I’m playing Empire?  My friends are.  They were appalled when they discovered I’d applied to a Republic guild.  Never mind the fact that they all said they would not be joining me in SWTOR.  Their levels of shock and horror were overwhelming as they cried, “No, no, no!!! What on earth were you thinking?!!”  My carefully well-thought-out response was, “Well…um…I don’t know.”

So, I withdrew my ap from the Republic guild and dutifully found one that would allow me to be evil with my friends.  (I also get to be Republic with the new guild too, so I was kind of sneaky here.)  It was an awesome choice, as I adore the new friends I’ve made already.

Anyway, the more I read about the Empire, the happier I am that my friends made me switch.  The vids for the different Empire classes have me see-sawing trying to choose my main.  What I’ve read and heard about the Empire story lines sounds intriguing.  Overall, it really does sound like metal canisters full of fun.

Besides, the little dark debbil sitting on my shoulder is cavorting wildly and throwing lightning bolts at the little light angel on the other shoulder.

And when all is said and done, it really does come down to lightning, right?

So which side are you going to play first and why?


  7 Responses to “My Two Credits: Empire or Republic?”

  1. For me, it’s all about the RP. I thought I’d go Republic, because I make a very bad villain. I found a great guild and we found an enemy guild and I ended up with a personal nemesis, which was awesome. We were even playing around with plot developments of my little sage visiting the dark side for a while (since I’m an altoholic). Then my guild shut down. While some of my guildies rebuilt a new guild, I decided just to take the leap to the other side. We bumped up our plans to polute my poor jedi and the next thing I knew, I was playing a sith. It’s a totally new experience for me but, hey, we shouldn’t be afraid to try new things, right? Plus, it’s opened up a lot of nemesis possibilities with the new Republic guild because my character has connections to both sides which will make the confrontations that much more entertaining. 😀

  2. In real life, I am not a Frost Mage, I do not ride dragons, and I do not risk my life and that of my friends in order to get a new pair of pants. I do open doors for little old ladies, donate to charities, and generally try be a good law abiding citizen. So. when i come home and log into a game, I cant wait to have the OPTION to be as evil as I want to be:)
    Where else can I be arrogant, selfish, greedy, duplicitous, and mean while causing no real harm to myself or others. I might even open a few more doors etc, if I fall victim to Dark Side game guilt:)

  3. For me its both my roleplay and my guild. My guild is strongly Republic and my roleplay is one of a Gray Jedi. I tend to lean torwards the lightside, but I can’t commit to following the Jedi Code or Sith Code to the letter. As a Jedi Consular Shadow, I am strong, sneaky, couragous, and knowledgable.

  4. Sith all the way, I have always played the good side, but it will be nice to play the evil bounty hunter

  5. Looking forward to the Sith content, but will enjoy the excitement of the Guild ,especially during the Xmas holiday. Maer think you will laugh wilth all the evil you will cause in Swtor lol


  6. Republic sadly…Not because I favour thier ideals, but because I just can’t agree with what the Empire stands for, for me it’s just TOO evil. If they were more ‘the galaxy is in disarray, we will bring order, we will bring peace even if it means destroying your culture and full military invasion. Captulate and relish in our organised splendour or get flattened’ like the (slightly idealised) Roman empire or even British empire and less ‘Lol we’re evil, lets kill everyone haha’ they seem to be in game…I’d be rolling with Empire.

  7. Well, hopefully, I’ll have a better idea after this weekend’s beta. I’m pretty excited about that. I find the RP reasons to be very intriguing, since I hadn’t really considered them. I can see all sorts of new vistas opening up. 🙂

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