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Nov 292011

by Maer
Photo-receptor Focus on: SWTOR Post Beta

So, I spent hours beta testing SWTOR with about a zillion other people this past weekend.  I had a lot of questions I needed to answer.  First and foremost, had I made the right choice to leave World of Warcraft?  I’d had some concerns about that.  I’ve been in WoW for five years, after all, but I already canceled my WoW subscription. I even ordered the SWTOR Collector’s Edition.  I’m so relieved and pleased to be able to say that  I’m so glad I did!

More My Two Credits and Comments after the jump.

The game is even better than I’d hoped and I’ll get tons of hours of enjoyment out of SWTOR.  I’m thrilled I’m going to get to experience the entire game in only a couple weeks.  I’m going to settle in very well in my new home.

My next concern was making the correct choice for my main.  I went through the first ten levels on the three classes I wanted to try.  The winner for my main character is…Sith Inquisitor.  It was a tough choice because I liked the  Bounty Hunter almost as much.  The Imperial Agent was also cool, but definitely alt material for me.  I prefer classes than can heal, so I didn’t play the Sith Warrior at all.  Sorry.

Some things that really impressed me during this beta were how clean the game ran for a beta test.  Yeah, sure there were bugs, but I expected a lot more problems than I ran into.  I actually got a lot of fun game play.  The graphics were awesome,  The storylines in the character quests were intriguing.  It’s a very big game and that bodes well.  There’s going to be lots to do and I’ll probably spend hours just exploring when launch hits.

Probably my biggest concern has to do with the guild stuff.  I do wish the guild cap was higher.  The guild I’m in is so darned big, we’re going to have to split into two guilds.  Which is a real shame and I hope Bioware ups the cap to one thousand.  Having to put officers on alts to try to cover both guilds will be an exercise in creativity for sure.

Also some of the guild functionality is missing.  The guild list doesn’t have the usual options to whisper, invite to group, add as a friend and there are some other bugs with sorting and such.  Those things are needed to run a big guild, but not with actual game play.  Well, other than that it will free up officers to actually get more game play.

Overall, I’m one happy camper and the time to Early Access and launch can’t get here soon enough.

So, now it’s your turn.  Did you beta this past weekend and what were your thoughts?


  13 Responses to “My Two Credits: SWTOR Post-Beta”

  1. I found the Bounty Hunter Fun , totally found that it was like stepping into the shoes of a no name making a making a name for myself in the Galaxy . I was so awesome runniing and socilizing with the Guild I am in and fits me like a comfy shoe I’ll never take off .

  2. Hi

    I was also trouble by the choices . I like everything in TOR . I went Empire , having played both , I am sure this is wright for me . The next one was very hard to do . I chose Inquisitor as a class . Well see if this will be me . Only time will tell , so many good choices .

  3. BTW , thank you OTG . I have found a family . I would like to acknowledge Kaeli hard work and dedication to the guild . I don’t know if this is the wright place for this .

    Thank you Kaeli

  4. I share your concerns with some of the guild features and other social functionality, but those feel like features more easily added after the fact. I want to see just enough functionality to make it easier to manage the social aspects, without getting more than we really need (but think we do). In WoW, I started out really excited about all the guild features that would be introduced in Cata. But when we got them, I discovered they were ultimately bad for both my enjoyment of the game community and ultimately for our guild. Weird that just having some new rewards ended up taking away some of the fun of the game for me. Those are the types of guild features that I hope SWTOR just doesn’t put in.

  5. I had the best time getting to know several of my guild mates this weekend. I found several guild functions lacking. I hated not being able to invite people to a group from the guild list or be able to whisper someone from the guild list. I hope that gets fixed right away. 🙂

  6. This Beta made me switch mains to Sith Assassin 🙂 it’s good!

  7. Like you I enjoyed the beta, I have plenty of experience beta testing for various other companies. Here are my thoughts on SWTOR, for those of you who are interested.

    Step One the Invite: There were some minor issues that were later cleared up on who got beta invites and when. If you kept up with the lists on SWTOR or here on CR, you know there were some complaints and how that was handled. But the issues were responded to in a reasonable amount of time, I suspect the marketing department got some in field live training due tot that.

    Step Two the Registration: For those of you who were already registered before the 11.11.11 you may have experienced some restarting and re-new of passwords. But once that process was over the download and installation went fairly smooth. Not as many issues as I would have expected.

    Step Three The Game: The Game it self for being a beta, was one of the most clean beta trials I have seen in a long time, considering the amount of beta testers who were creating a serious volume of bandwidth traffic. The number of servers used was a tell, in what the Game Companies were expecting to handle. Another post of the type of servers and the OS running them might be a interesting topic, but for now let’s get to the meat of SWTOR.

    Once the game was loaded, I had already planned on looking at three characters, the Sith Inquisitor, The Jedi, and the Smuggler, For the first day trials I leveled a Sith up to 7, before the server crashed, a lot of folks lost their characters that day, but they were recovered later, by that time I had moved to a different server and started the Jedi and took it to level 7 before switching over to test the Smuggler.
    The comparison, for me is that the storyline was more interesting between the Sith and The Jedi. The Sith story seemed richer, though I imagine the Jedi story line gets better as you progress. But the storyline that kept me testing all the way to level 14 was the Smuggler. The story was full of fun comedy lines, dark twists and unexpected turns. I did manage to get the ship back and fly a few missions before the end of the beta which was a lot of fun and reminded me of the old arcade games when Star Wars first came out. (Yes I’m that old).
    I noticed a lot of players had higher level characters, but I spent a lot of time exploring the hidden areas of the game examining some of the little hidden details that artist and programmers will sometimes hide in out of the way corners or even right in front of you if you look close enough, one example was a carbonite cast of a man in the cargo hold of the Smuggler ship of what seemed to be a copy of Hans Solo’s pose.

    The Smuggler was both a humorous and irritating storyline, as just as soon as you think you will get your ship back, something else happens to get in the way. This shows a lot of detail and thought went into each main storyline. This will be the main reason why SWTOR will cause a few headaches for WoW investors. I’ve been around long enough to see how Wow developed over the years and what it gained and what it missed out on. Clearly SWTOR writers took this into account. There will be hours of just exploration if not days should you choose to when the game becomes available. For me I’ll have to look at the Smuggler and the Sith Inquisitor once again.

    If you want to see a more in-depth review of the Smuggler, check out my next post.

    Happy Gaming everyone.

  8. Thanks for the comments. Some great insights!

  9. I know a few other dedicated WoW players that expressed the same sentiment about changing games over the beta weekend, so you’re not alone there.

    Can’t wait for early launch here, it can’t get here soon enough.

  10. I definately share some of your concerns about the guild tools, there is quite a bit missing that is needed. Must say overall it was a great beta, very smooth with some minor issues. Looking forward to launch

  11. It will be interesting to see how the final guild management tools pan out. I’m an officer in a guild that’s at the pre-deployment 500 mark, so expect we’ll have some of the same issues/concerns you’ve expressed here once we launch.

    I was also impressed with how smoothly the BETA stress test weekend went. Comparing it with SC2 and WoW BETAS in which I’ve participated, it had fewer annoying bugs and no real showstoppers (other than my bluetooth Mac keyboard not being recognized, randomly)

  12. What guild are you representing? Not many guilds are have that many members so it’s nice to see other large guilds represented.

  13. Anexxia, I believe that question was for you. Since Carla knows my guild. 😀

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